FaZe Sway Has Creator Code Permanently Revoked, But Why?

by in General | Jul, 20th 2021

FaZe Sway has permanently lost access to his Fortnite Creator Code. He’s not the first to lose access to his, and certainly not going to be the last. This comes hot on the heels of all of the FaZe crypto drama to boot, so it’s not a very good week or two for FaZe Clan’s PR. FaZe Sway himself revealed that he lost the rights to his creator code as of today, and was permanently removed from the program. According to the message he received, it was due to “violations of the Terms of Service you agreed upon when joining the program.” But what did he actually do wrong?

Playing on Viewer Accounts?

It wasn’t FaZe Sway’s really weird deleted tweets that got him removed from the Creator Code system in Fortnite, or him cheating in a Fortnite Cup back in 2019. It was something a bit more serious. It seems like FaZe Sway was playing on the accounts of his viewers, grinding their ranks for them. The message that Epic Games sent does sound like it was an account-related issue for cheating. 

This writer dipped into Sway’s Twitch stream today and saw one viewer in chat pointed out that another viewer needed to “stop asking him to play on accounts he already lost his creator code.” On top of that the !sac (Share-a-Creator) command his Nightbot reads, “TOS: “Account Sharing” (going on viewers accounts and getting them to champs.)”

So yes, it definitely sounds like he was grinding on his viewer’s accounts. Whether or not it was to cheat people to high rank, or simply so he didn’t have to make smurfs, that remains to be seen. FaZe Sway hasn’t given up though and is streaming all day today. He also tweeted that he “lowkey needed this as a wake up call” and that he’s going to start going crazy on everything now. 

He also doesn’t seem to be too upset about it, pointing out that he’s already made a lot of money off the code. It doesn’t seem like Sway’s giving up on playing Fortnite though, as he was active on Twitch as of this writing, dunking people in matches. Hopefully, he learned a lesson from this and no longer plays on other people’s accounts. Epic Games has permanently removed FaZe Sway’s Creator Code though, and it’s not coming back.


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