FaZe Sues Tfue As Drama Escalates

By Isaac Chandler

August 6, 2019


FaZe sues tfue

It’s been a bit quiet the past few couple of weeks in the dispute between FaZe Clan and Tfue. Things are starting to heat back up, however, as FaZe sues Tfue.

According to a report on celebrity gossip site TMZ, the org filed a lawsuit over the 21-year old’s “betrayal” of the team and irrevocable damage their brand had sustained since his allegations entered the public sphere.

FaZe Sues Tfue: The Suit

In the lawsuit filed in a New York federal court, the org claims Tfue damaged the team after publicly slandering the company and divulging confidential information he wasn’t at will to share.

The team further claims Tfue made $20 million from deals while on the team, oh which the team saw little of the profits, and had entered into third-party agreements without the orgs approval.

In addition, FaZe also claims Tfue stole team trade secrets which include his social media branding and promotion, as well as trying to get other members of FaZe to leave the team.

The lawsuit asks the court for financial compensation for their lost revenue and irrevocable damage to their image, and two injunctions preventing him from further divulging team secrets and slandering FaZe further. Some may be believe that as FaZe sues Tfue they’re only shooting themselves in the foot, but that may not be the case.

Location, Location, Location

While some of the allegations alleged in the lawsuit are large on their own, the big focus of media and the community has been on the location of the lawsuit: New York.

Tfue’s contract states all litigation shall take place in New York, but Tfue claims FaZe operates out of California, while he streams from Florida.

That would seem like a minor detail, but given the allegations against both parties, the state in which the lawsuits are filed really does matter.

According to Tfue’s attorney Bryan Freedman, who alleges FaZe violated California’s Talent Agencies Act by acquiring Tfue’s employment without first obtaining a license to do so, “Filing the lawsuit in New York is actually an admission that Faze Clan has no defense to these violations of California law. Ask yourself, why is Faze Clan is afraid to litigate its wrongful conduct in California? The answer is obvious. Faze Clan will lose.”

As FaZe sues Tfue, the stakes have been raised in this high-profile affair.With no end in sight, this battle could get a lot uglier before it finishes.

We’ll continue to keep you all updated as the situation develops.


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