FaZe Jarvis Releases “Banned 4 Life” Rap Song

by in General | Jan, 14th 2020

Another day, another FaZe Clan member commenting on a controversy around themselves with a rap music video. This time around, it’s not the young H1ghSky1 dropping the beats. It’s recently banned content creator FaZe Jarvis, caught aimbotting in a video he posted to YouTube late last year.

With little to do now that he can’t play Fortnite beyond making videos, FaZe Jarvis decided to release his new rap, titled “Banned 4 Life.” The FaZe Jarvis rap song reflects on him and his brother’s rise to fame playing the game, the permanent Fortnite ban, and his time as a high-level Fortnite player who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup.

As of the time of this writing, the video has over 1.2 million views on his YouTube channel, over half of his subscriber count, and sits at 97,000 likes to 36,000 dislikes. Those numbers likely mean nothing to Fortnite developer Epic Games, who clarified last year that the ban would not be lifted.

Recently, FaZe Clan co-owner and CEO, Lee Trink did remark that they were in talks with the company to at least get it reduced. Epic has yet to comment on the validity of this claim.

Isaac’s Personal Take: Cringey and Annoying

When H1ghSky1 released his rap song during the whole Tfue affair, I thought I’d heard the cringest and most annoying rap song there was. Then comes Jarvis with this abomination.

The lyrics are all over the place, the beat is choppy and he sounds like he’s trying to come off as a wannabe Drake or something.

There’s the adage that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” But, I find it hard to believe you could ever get anything positive out of this mess.

FaZe Clan should hire a ghostwriter and a rap coach to help players if this is their gameplan for the future, at least if they want the songs to be worth the time it took to make them.

Perhaps, I’m too harsh, and that’s just what teenagers are into nowadays: Trashy lyrics with Fortnite and Gucci references. I’ve never been the biggest rap connoisseur, so maybe this is just the new standard for the genre.

Either way, this is not to my taste. It’s going to be a no from me dawg.


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