FaZe Jarvis Banned for Aimbotting

by in Fortnite | Nov, 4th 2019

Fortnite pro player Jarvis of FaZe Clan has been permanently banned from Fortnite by developer Epic Games after posting a video to YouTube clearly showing him utilizing an aimbot in the game.

The younger brother of FaZe Kay broke the news Sunday after posting a video to YouTube revealing the ban and apologizing to the community for his actions, claiming he didn’t realize just how much trouble he was going to get into from utilizing the cheats.

The video in question showing the aimbotting was removed from his YouTube channel shortly afterward, though user Fortnite Area reposted the video, revealing the extent to which Jarvis was using the aimbot.

Aimbot for Views

In the re-uploaded video, Jarvis can be seen admitting to utilizing an aimbot on a secondary account, which he also admits is being played on a second computer in the hopes that his main account on PC won’t get banned.

He also, along with one of his fellow members from FaZe, took videos with a camera and a phone showing the hack. He was also able to see where everyone is at any given point.

After the first account gets banned, they created a second one and continued to utilize the aimbot to get more footage, believing the punishments would be limited to those accounts and allowing them to get off scot-free.

Jarvis has yet to state what his plans are now that he is permanently banned from Fortnite, he made a name for himself with, though did note he would continue to upload videos in the future.


It’s one thing to start hacking knowing the consequences and getting punished, but it’s another to do all of this and expect no repercussions.

How someone who has made a name for themselves uploading and creating video content didn’t realize that making a video of himself cheating then providing proof of said cheats would get all of their accounts banned is honestly dumbfounding. It shows just how unaware young players can be of the consequences of their actions.

Hopefully, Jarvis learned a lesson from this whole ordeal and can find a new game to make a home and find success.


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