Faze Investor Meyers Leonard Caught Using Racist Slur on Stream

by in Entertainment | Mar, 9th 2021

Edit: Faze Clan has now released a statement on the Leonard situation, noting that they are severing ties with the NBA player. The article in it’s original form is below.

FaZe Clan investor and Miami Heat player Meyers Leonard is in some hot water as he was caught saying an incredibly racist, anti-Semitic slur on his Twitch stream.

What Did Meyers Leonard Say?

“Fucking cowards,” he spouted off. “Don’t fucking snipe me, you kike bitch!”

His epitaph was followed by some extremely awkward silence and an awkward laugh from his teammate. He quickly receives a phone call from who he said was his wife, and then logs off his stream. His facial expression suggests it may have been his team, FaZe Clan, who he invested in back in April 2019.

FaZe Clan offered no comment to Esports Talk when we reached out to about Meyers Leonard’s racist remark, aside from saying they are “addressing the situation.”

Investing and Creating Content

Back when he originally announced his investment in Faze Clan, he seemed quite excited to join the team.

“It is with great pleasure and excitement that I officially announce my investment into FaZe Clan,” Leonard posted on LinkedIn. “For anybody that knows me, you know I am an obsessive gamer. FaZe Clan is the premier organization in #esports with a social following larger than the entire Overwatch  League. FaZe has taken the gaming world by storm, helping grow some of the largest gamers and content creators of our time. I make it a point not to invest in something unless I am incredibly passionate about it and I believe I can authentically impact the business. This investment into FaZe Clan not only represents a belief in the organization but a belief in the long-term potential of #gaming and #esports.”

He said that he would be doing content creation over the summer in 2019 and has streamed with FaZe Clan’s logo ever since. The team has not said he is officially a member of FaZe Clan and instead wishes to refer to him as an investor.

Some in esports may remember that it can be incredibly difficult for teams to divest investors if they are unwilling to, as in the case of Echo Fox. Ironically, that situation also involved racist language with an investor.

The Miami Heat, Meyers’ team, has not issued a public statement on the situation as of press time.



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