FaZe Clan’s Adapt Shoots Back At Ban From Twitch

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 15th 2021

This is Adapt’s second ban in ten months, but he seems confused about both of them. After several months of being away from the platform, FaZe Clan’s Adapt came back to stream GTA RP, and caught a ban on Twitch for his efforts. There’s not a lot of real clear data on why he was b anned. Several people on Twitter have stated it was because he said “virgin”, or because of actions taken in GTA RP. That said, Adapt is pretty confused by it, and he shot back about the ban.

“I get banned for streaming GTA RP, WTF? How?” – Adapt

Supposedly, his first ban was for “suggestive content or activities”, but that ban was rescinded. Fast forward to February 2021 (From May 2020), and he’s back. Deciding to try and capitalize on the GTA RP craze, he jumps in and streams that. The Twitch ban FaZe’s Adapt had no reasoning, as far as we’re aware. Of course, there’s speculation, but no way to verify that right now.

I cannot imagine we’ll see any kind of clear reason for this ban, but there is talk of “hateful conduct and harassment” as the reason. This could be from use of the word “virgin” as it’s suggested on Twitter, or other comments that said he was using certain emotes over people that have suggestive connotations. His response to the StreamerBans notification of the ban was:


Back in May 2020, FaZe’s Adapt fought back against his Twitch ban, saying:

“It’s just ridiculous man, Twitch this is not fair. I’m not going to sit here and take it, I’m going to speak up, I can voice my opinion.”

His pinned tweet also likely stems from this, where it says “Better days are coming I promise,” likely from his last ban. As this is his only ban in the past ten months, there’s no telling how long it will be. It could be a DMCA ban, say, from an in-game siren or music on the game. This is a really perplexing situation, and since we didn’t see the stream, we can’t suggest what we think it would be. Could Adapt have gone too far with his in-game actions? He absolutely could have. There is an equal chance of this being something far out of Adapt’s hands. We’ll just have to see.


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