Teeqo Returns to FaZe Clan After SaveTheKids Suspension

by | Sep, 13th 2021

FaZe Clan’s ambitious partnerships and growth into the mainstream’s eye have made the esports and entertainment brand a pioneer in reaching and engaging audiences. The return of FaZe Vlogs shows that FaZe Clan wants to nurture their connection with their audience and share the journey as they work towards the next accomplishment or collaboration. Their most recent achievement may be the most personal: the return of FaZe Teeqo.

What Happened to FaZe Teeqo?

 The Save the Kids crypto scandal orchestrated by FaZe Clan members and associates portrayed the organization as neglectful of their fans as well as unconcerned with the extracurricular activities of their members. The ship that FaZe built was at risk of sinking as coverage of the scandal increased and more details became known. During the initial days of coverage, FaZe Teeqo was named as a participant in the scam despite his well-intentioned involvement and his desire to do good for what he saw as a charitable cause. 

In a video titled “My Truth,” Teeqo went into the details that led to his involvement with Save the Kids. His description of the events, emotional state in the video, and sincerity showed his genuine desire to help, but the video touches more on Teeqo’s intentions. In the video, Teeqo expressed frustration with the public arena of opinion that left him with a little avenue to express his side of the story. “It’s not easy to just come out, even if you’re innocent,” said Teeqo, “even if you didn’t do anything.” Teeqo’s valid and genuine vexation with the public’s hunger for controversy was made super apparent in this video. It sounded like it would be a challenge for him to find the motivation to continue being a public figure. 

Teeqo’s Back in FaZe Clan

Teeqo features prominently near the end of FaZe Vlog 003. Teeqo reiterates his frustration with how he was portrayed during the scandal and talks about his closeness to FaZe Clan and its members being primary before any of the benefits of being a member. The video does a good job of reinforcing what must be Teeqo’s heartfelt emotions about the situation and what FaZe means to him, even if it can come off as a little hackneyed at times. There’s little doubt that for Teeqo, being in FaZe Clan is like being in a surrogate family. FaZe Clan isn’t a convenience for Teeqo and his career. It’s the cultural milestone he created with his peers that’s meant to last. 

Teeqo promises that the bigger, crazier things can be expected from both him and FaZe Clan and that there will be a forthcoming announcement that’s sure to astound and impress both his fans and his naysayers alike. It’ll be hard to top FaZe Clan’s recent collaboration with Warner Bros. to publish the FaZe Clan and Batman comic, but if whatever Teeqo has planned comes sincerely from his heart as his last few videos have, they’re sure to leave the impact he’s hoping to make. 


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