Is FaZe Clan Planning to Expand in Thailand?

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2019

It appears the Americas were too small for FaZe Clan, as the team seems to be prepping for expansion into the global scene with the signing of a player from Thailand.

Dom Chotivanich, a former esports director for Alpha Red Esports and rapper under the alias DABOYWAY, recently posted a picture to Instagram of himself in a FaZe hoodie with the hashtag “#fazeup,” suggesting he is joining forces with the legendary org.

While neither Chotivanich nor FaZe Clan has given an official statement on the matter, the move would lineup well with FaZe’s recent moves to expand itself beyond its traditional US-Brazil fanbase.

The team’s CEO, Lee Trink, has been traveling promoting the FaZe brand at events and giving lectures in esports, including the All That Matters entertainment expo in Singapore.

Trink was tagged in the post by Chotivanich, though the tag has been removed.

Why Make the Move?

While entering an entirely new region, that doesn’t play the games your team is most famous for is a strange move for FaZe, it does make some sense.

PUBG Mobile exploded in the region over the last year, and its scene has some of the strongest players in that title.

That, and the massive population of the area, 663,538,157 at the time of writing (8.5% of the world’s population), mean the potential for growth to whatever team establishes themselves strongly in the region is a huge prize everyone is trying to grab.

With the recent collapse of regional powerhouses Flash Wolves and Gigabyte Marines in League of Legends and the shocking collapse at The International in Dota for SEA teams, a power vacuum has opened that FaZe may be trying to slip into.

We’ll have to wait and see how this FaZe Clan Thailand expansion shapes up over the coming months. Given the popularity in esports and pop culture Chotivanich holds, the move is a great first start in expanding into the area.

The big question is whether or not FaZe will be alone in expanding to the region, or if other big-name orgs like TSM and Cloud9 make moves there either.


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