FaZe Clan is Going Public on NASDAQ, First Org Worth $1b?

by in General | Oct, 25th 2021

FaZe Clan is one of the most recognizable names in both entertainment and esports, and now they’re going public on NASDAQ. That means FaZe Clan will be a publicly-traded company, and fans can put their hard-earned money down to have a stake in the overall company. This is due to a merger that we can expect to have its deal closed out in Q1 2022. It’s being said that FaZe Clan could be the first org worth $1B and that is titanic. Fans are going to be able to invest in FaZe Clan when the public stock hits the NASDAQ – the stock exchange. What does the future hold for FaZe Clan as it heads to being a public company on the NASDAQ?

A $291M Dollar Deal

Announced on Twitter, FaZe Clan revealed they are going public on NASDAQ via a video and a link to the official press release. FaZe Clan is going to merge with B. Riley Financial and is expected to reach an equity of $1B. According to the press release, “estimated gross transaction proceeds total $291 million,” so that’s pretty huge cash. This could make FaZe Clan the most financially successful org going in esports.

FaZe Clan’s CEO, Lee Trink spoke about this huge announcement:

What Does the Future Hold?

What’s on the horizon for FaZe Clan as they go public on the NASDAQ? More incredible merch drops, that’s for sure. We can only imagine they have cooked up some brand-new fan engagement strategies as well. When it comes to esports, Halo, League of Legends, Wild Rift, Free Fire, and Apex Legends are all titles FaZe Clan has earmarked for future plans. They’re also looking at new markets to expand into, such as Brazil, China, and the Middle East.

It’s certainly a huge move for FaZe Clan, and we can only hope it’s a successful move. We cannot help but wonder what changes, if any come with FaZe being publicly traded, and fans/investors having more of a say in what goes down within the esports org. While they aren’t the first esports org to go public, it’s nonetheless a huge change for FaZe going forward.

It cannot be overstated how much social media presence and popularity FaZe Clan has with the public. So many young fans are diehard FaZe fans. This kind of move could do a lot to bring eyes to esports all over the world.


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