FaZe Clan Has Strong Comeback in PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand, Winning Season 3

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 28th 2021

FaZe Clan is one of the most well-known and popular esports organizations in the entire world, and for good reason. This is one of the best groups in the entire world and FaZe has proven that it is great at numerous games. The latest game to possibly join that group is PUBG Mobile with the recent results of the PMPL Thailand season 3.

FaZe Clan Wins PMPL Thailand Season 3

The PMPL Thailand season 3 has concluded with its finals and the winner has been determined. The winner is none other than the FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile pro team. This team has been slowly getting better and better since its introduction, and it is now one of the best in the business.

Though the team was not one of the favorites to win the season, they were able to make their way to the top in the end and defeat the other great teams in the region, despite the odds that were against them. This victory is a terrific accomplishment for the team and FaZe as a whole.

From now on, the FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile team will be regarded as one of the best in the world and that just adds to the insane number of amazing teams that FaZe currently has at its disposal. With this first place win, they have not only won some prize money but advancement as well.

The FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile team will now have the chance to go beyond just the PMPL Thailand season 3 that they won and into the next stage of the mobile battle royale title’s esports scene. This inches the team ever closer to the coveted Global Championship that is in the future.

FaZe Clan Invited to PMPL Southeast Asia Regional Finals

With the PMPL Thailand season 3 victory, FaZe Clan has been invited to the next stage for the team: the Southeast Asia Regional Finals. That event will be the next step up, as the team has conquered the best teams in its country and now has the chance to prove its skill against the best teams in that whole region.

The PMPL is SEA’s premiere PUBG Mobile league (image credit to Liquidpedia)

That will take place next month May 21-24 and will feature a quick but hefty competition with some intense battle royale matches. FaZe Clan isn’t the only team to qualify from the PMPL Thailand season 3 competition as there are two other teams moving on to that event.

Originally, it was going to be just two teams from Thailand but that isn’t going to be the case. The initial top two teams from the season were to move on but it was quite unexpected how the event turned out. The winning team of the league stage, Valdus Esports, was expected by many to win the finals as well.

Instead, they came out on second place in the finals but still qualified for the event as the winners of the league stage. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan, of course, has been invited to the next event as the overall finals winners but that means that a third team from Thailand gets to join the competition.

That honor goes to the third-place team that is none other than The Infinity. Those three teams will be competing next month in the SEA Regional Finals event. Out of the 16 teams that entered the PMPL Thailand season 3 and participated in both the league and finals stages, only these three teams will move on.

Full PMPL Thailand Season 3 Finals Rankings

You can find the full list of the rankings as well as the number of points that they were able to earn throughout the finals below from first to last place:

  1. FaZe Clan: 197 points
  2. Valdus Esports: 181 points
  3. The Infinity: 179
  4. Bacon Time: 165
  5. Power888: 163
  6. Purple Mood Esports: 162
  7. Afterglow Gaming: 144
  8. RRQ: 132
  9. Onyx Esports: 124
  10. Magic Esports: 110
  11. The Myth Esports: 109
  12. Made in Thailand: 109
  13. Team Flash: 106
  14. E29 Esports Gaming: 95
  15. QConfirm: 78
  16. Sharper Esports: 67

As you can see, the rankings were pretty close in the end, especially when it comes to the top three teams on the leaderboard. What is intriguing about this situation is that Valdus was expected by many to win after the league stage win that the team was able to accomplish in PMPL Thailand season 3.

And even if people weren’t rooting for Valdus to win, it was not expected by many that FaZe would win the finals. After all, they finished the league stage in only eighth place, which isn’t terrible but is right in the middle of the overall leaderboard.

MVP Winner and Other Details

However, if the PUBG Mobile Global Championship taught us anything earlier this year, it is that you can’t count out teams, especially when it comes to the insanity that surrounds the finals. FaZe came through, doing well in almost all of the 18 matches that were played.

Even though it wasn’t the team with the most wins in those matches (that honor goes to Valdus, ironically), they were able to place well and get some insane kills that all contributed to the points that helped them come out on top of everyone else in the end.

When it comes to the MVP for the event, neither the first or second-place teams had the player that won this award. Instead, that award went to The Infinity’s InfinnOOzy who had impressive survival time, contribution, damage, and kills with 32 eliminations in total.

As more of the PUBG Mobile Pro League seasons end this spring, we are inching closer to the next stage of the competition in the 2021 season as we head to the next level. Be sure to check back in the near future for more details on the next major competitions in the PMPL this year.


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