FaZe Clan CEO Wants to Work on Rooting Out Bad Behavior in Gaming

by in General | Jul, 8th 2020

FaZe Clan’s CEO recently spoke about rooting out bad behavior in the gaming community. That might, sadly, be the most ironic, unintentionally comedic sentence we’ve written in a long time on Esports Talk. FaZe Clan is worth 240 million dollars and has millions of people following them worldwide. But they’re also guilty of some of the worst, petulant, and bone-headed moves. Whether they trash hotels, say awful things on social media, or get caught cheating, the list is way too long. 

We want to believe in them, and gaming/esports definitely needs a move towards positivity. But it’s hard to be in the adult in the room when everyone under you is throwing tantrums and shouting racial slurs.

What We’ve Learned

FaZe Clan is a huge global brand though, we can’t dispute that. We hope that Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan is serious about cleaning up the gaming community. It definitely needs it. We can direct you to virtually anywhere in gaming news right now; there are so many toxic, dreadful people being outed. 

Lee Trink has recently raised 47 million dollars, which is part equity and part debt, and to continue international expansion, they need more. So a Series B fundraising process is getting set up. But he spoke to Digiday recently about the gaming community, the fundraising, and what the future holds. 

Sure, FaZe Clan recruited their first female member. FaZe Ewok was their first female member to FaZe Clan, and we can only hope they’ve not been harassed or hounded simply for being a woman. That’s one of the sad parts about being a woman in gaming and esports. Diversity and representation matters in esports and women are no exception. They have to be treated equally and given a chance. Simply being harassed because of their gender is a shame, and something that FaZe hopefully helps to fight.

It’s unfortunate that gaming culture is just now trying to work towards diversity and positivity. Lee Trink talks about that in a recent interview:

“If you look at  a lot of the things we’ve done — building bridges to the traditional entertainment space and also starting to bring in significant sponsors — a couple of years ago that really didn’t exist. What that meant was this was a large, bustling community but really left on its own in a corner with not a lot of sophisticated operators on the business side that were tending to it.”

If they’re really trying to build bridges and get the toxicity out of the gaming community, I’m more than willing to be a fan of FaZe Clan. Lee Trink has pointed out that his community is not going to tolerate divisive language, and have set up some AI tools to help with that. 

Lee Trink also discussed this in a bit greater detail:

“We are discussing whether it will be “a one strike and you’re out,” or a suspension and kick someone off from being one of our subscribers and followers. We are engaging conversations with some of the other parts of the gaming community to help do the same.”

There’s also a diversity council within FaZe Clan that is a completely volunteer group. They are working on what they call “actionable items” in this area. It sounds like they are taking some major steps, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Especially with a clan that has such a bro culture like FaZe Clan, the community has to all work together.

This writer wants to love FaZe Clan, in all seriousness. But boy do they make it hard! They’ve been terribly problematic for years, and it hasn’t slowed down. There’s so much FaZe Clan-related drama, that it would have to be its own article. We do hope that they can grow and be a force for good and change in the gaming community. It’s what we need more than ever. Be the change you want to see.


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