FaZe Banks Speaks Out on Jarvis Ban, His Destroyed Hotel Room, and More

by in Fortnite | Nov, 14th 2019

After a week in which one of his content creators was banned from Fornite and he himself destroyed a Vegas hotel room to the tune of $30,000, FaZe Banks has finally come out discussing the Jarvis & vandalism dramas at hand.

In an interview with No Jumper, the FaZe CEO gave his thoughts on the recent controversies surrounding him and the org, starting off with a brand new one from the last couple of weeks involving an airplane.

Vegas: Planes and Hotels

According to Banks, he was kicked off his flight to Vegas two weeks ago after refusing to comply with instructions from one of the flight attendants after getting on the flight inebriated, claiming the attendant was being rude to him and his crew.

After booking a private plane to get to Vegas following this incident, Banks and his crew checked into their hotel rooms at the Wynn for a party weekend, which resulted in the destruction of the room mentioned above on their last night after he and his friends got wasted.

While the damage was initially reported at $30,000, Banks stated that that number may be higher in the end as the total damages were still being evaluated, and had led him to be 86’d, or banned for life, from both the Encore and Wynn hotels.

While that in and of itself makes for an already crazy story, it only got stranger as Banks revealed his plan to get out of the whole debacle.

Apparently, Banks was going to have his friends beat him bloody and then disappear down the hall, creating the illusion that he was attacked in the room when hotel staff came through and allowing him to get off scotfree, believing that there weren’t any cameras in the hallway that security could possibly check to disprove his story.

No one wanted to get on board with it, however, and Banks was forced to take responsibility for his actions.

Faze Banks on Jarvis

After recanting his wild time in Vegas, FaZe Banks moved on to discuss the issue of Jarvis being banned from Fortnite by Epic, and how the situation was completely unfair to the kid.

He pointed out that Jarvis was a very public figure, and while other lesser-known players who have been banned could likely make a new account and keep under the radar to avoid another ban, Jarvis is too well known and would get instantly caught.

Dozens of FaZe guys have also called for his ban to be lifted, but Epic has already responded that the ban will remain.

That seems like the point of a permanent ban being permanent, but perhaps that meaning has changed in recent years.

Overall, the interview was a very interesting look into FaZe Banks and his mindset as one of esports’ most personality-filled owners.

Hopefully, this past week has taught him and his org a lesson about thinking before acting, however unlikely that often appears to be.


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