Far Cry 6 Gameplay Reveal Showcases World, Story, Weapons, and More

by in General | Jun, 1st 2021

Far Cry 6’s gameplay reveal didn’t disappoint. It seems to have taken the series back to its roots, putting players in an unfamiliar land, with new characters and a load of weapons and more to help them take on El Presidente, played by Giancarlo Esposito.

During the broadcast, while many of the things shown weren’t as in-depth as Techland’s Dying 2 Know, the information that can be garnered from the reveal of Far Cry 6 shows a lot of promise for the future of the series. Here’s what players can expect from Far Cry 6.

A Rich World

Something Far Cry 5 and New Dawn struggled with was the world of the game. While it took place in a small valley in Montana, the world felt bland. Many richer environments were markings on the map rather than spread out around the game’s valley. Far Cry 6 decided to up the ante and brought some of what made Far Cry 3 into the mix while making the island of Yara. 

The location of Far Cry 6, Yara, is an island hidden away from the world in the middle of the Caribbean. The game takes place in the modern-day, but a massive revolution has forced the island to be trapped in time, as Yara cut itself off from the world in 1971. The weapons used by the characters will be from the Cold War era. Players can see in the gameplay reveal that the PPsH makes a cameo. With a world ravaged by war and unrest, players can explore the many locales Yara has to offer. Players can visit the vast jungles filled with wildlife to coastlines all around the island. Hidden within the island are small towns filled with people and character. The final part of the island is the massive capital city, housing the main antagonist, El Presidente.

A Story to Remember

Another thing shown off during the reveal was the story of the game. Players got a sneak peek at Far Cry 6’s main antagonist El Presidente, played by Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito. 

Anton Castillo, being the main antagonist, holds all the power of the citizens of Yara. After the revolution that left the island locked in time and cut off from the rest of the world, he aims to bring it back to his version of what the island used to be. However, with the rising tensions between Castillo and the Yara citizens, this means destroying freedoms and ruling over the island with an iron fist, making examples of anyone who dares step out of line, sending them to forced labor camps, or putting them out to pasture. 

In the main game, players will control a character named Danny/Dani, where you can choose either male or female for the player character. The game’s story sees Dani attempt to leave Yara. During their escape, they’re attacked by El Presidente and his men. Dani’s group is killed. After seeing the brutality of Castillo, she decides to take up arms as she can never be free of the island until Castillo meets his end. However, Dani must help build the movement if they want to stand a chance at overthrowing the rule of Esposito’s character. This brings Dani to another character players will become acquainted with: Juan Cortez, who plays the mentor role to Dani. Cortez provides many DIY weapons and vehicles for the player to interact with. 

An Expanded Arsenal

Players who enjoyed Far Cry 5 were thrilled to customize their weapons and upgrade them into better versions. However, the weapon system in Far Cry 6 has changed. Players will see versions of familiar weapons that are handmade. Far Cry 6 brings this back to Yara, which was cut off from the island in the revolution. Players can make their versions of weapons as well as a special upgrade for their kit. The weapons in Far Cry 6 are similar to older games in the series. Pistols, submachine guns, and assault rifles are still available for players to use, as well as melee weapons and bows and arrows. 

However, the real twist to Far Cry 6’s weapons comes with Cortez’s multitude of DIY weapons. As mentioned in the last trailer of the broadcast, Far Cry 6 sees players take control of miniguns made from motorcycle motors, a possible rail gun powered by a car battery, and a blade launcher that shoots CDs, all while playing them until you fire. This means that players can use whatever weapons at their disposal to move through missions in classic Far Cry fashion. 

Another massive addition to the game is the special backpacks, which give the player the feeling of being a one-person army. Shown in the trailer, Dani has a backpack that can shoot rockets from her back, hold a massive flamethrower, and possibly a single-use area of effect fire attack. While only shown for a short bit, the game seems heavily focused on the multitude of ways players can take the fight to El Presidente. Animal companions return to Far Cry, with a dachshund in a little wheelchair and an alligator wearing a polo shirt. Players can also customize their vehicles, adding guns, boosters, and plows to many of the 60s and 70s cars left on the island, making Far Cry 6 more open than ever before.

Far Cry 6 has been called “the most ambitious open-world” in the series. However, it’s up to fans to decide if that’s the truth when the game launches on Oct. 7. With Ubisoft coming to E3 this year, players will find out more information about Far Cry 6 before the game’s launch. Whether Far Cry will continue its open-world trend of outposts and main missions is up for debate. But what is certain is that Far Cry 6 looks to be more promising than Far Cry 5, or Far Cry New Dawn, showing that Ubisoft may have learned from their mistakes with the many problems players had with the gameplay mechanics from the previous title. 


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