Far Cry 6 Adds Stranger Things Crossover, Brings Back Classic Villains in Roguelike DLC

by in General | Sep, 13th 2021

Far Cry is full of surprises, however, the past two games from Ubisoft were lacking something that Far Cry had in the earlier installments. Far Cry 5 was a solid game and had a good story, but the reuse of the map in Far Cry New Dawn made the game feel like an expansion rather than a proper sequel to the game. However, it seems that everything that’s been learned from the previous titles has been changed with the newest reveal of Far Cry 6. This new reveal has showcased some post-launch DLC for Far Cry 6, and inside the trailer, some surprising crossover announcements make the game feel more like the wild world of Far Cry that has been seen in the previous iterations of the title. 

The Post-Launch Content for Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Post Launch DLC is packed to the brim with all sorts of missions and modes for players to enjoy by themselves or with a friend in co-op gameplay. However, these missions are going to be more on the wild side of Far Cry 6, outside of the main story against Anton Castillo.

Danny & Dani vs. Everybody

This small story quest involves Danny Trejo himself coming to Yara to sell his Trejo tacos to the citizens, which makes the game canon to real-life seeing that Danny Trejo runs a chain of taco restaurants called Trejo’s Tacos. However, it seems like players are going to be in for a fight. As someone is going up against Trejo, and the player is going to have to team up with Danny and fight…. Everybody.

Rambo: All the Blood

Taking another page out of the 80’s action movie, as the Rambo franchise is coming to Far Cry 6. However, while Stallone was able to appear in Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty, the story in Far Cry 6 is different. According to the trailer, the player is going to come across a Rambo superfan, who’s getting a little too much into character. Now, he’s waged war against the Yaran military, and it’s up to both the superfan and the player to take on the forces of Anton Castillo’s armed forces. Claiming to be “a story ripped right out of an 80’s action film” the game aims to satiate the fans of the Rambo series, with action set pieces and gameplay.

The Vanishing

Something happened to the dog companion Chorizo, and this rescue mission is taking players to an unlikely place. The Upside Down from Stranger Things. Another collaboration for the Netflix Original Series has appeared. Now, players are going to take to the upside-down, armed with their weapons, as well as their vehicles as they delve into the mystery of the Upside Down, looking for their canine comrade. And possibly fighting some of the show’s iconic monsters along the way.

Special Operations

6 special operations around locations in the game are going to be launched sometime after the release of the game, the mode is simple, steal a chemical bomb from the forces of Anton Castillo, and run for the extraction point. There’s one little twist though. The bomb will explode if it gets too hot, so players are going to have to find ways to keep the bomb cool while they’re running for the extraction point.

Weekly Insurgencies

Lastly, starting on launch day, weekly insurgencies will begin. These weekly missions will net players great rewards. The catch is they’re going to have to fight some tough enemies if they plan to reap what rewards lie at the end of the mission.

All three of these quests and special modes are going to be free after the launch of Far Cry 6, their release dates aren’t revealed just yet, with the only gameplay coming from the Danny Trejo mission pack. However, it seems like they’re going to launch aside the paid Far Cry 6 DLC, so player’s who haven’t picked the Season Pass up yet will have something to do after the game launches. 

For those who did pick up the Season Pass, they’re going to have some major Far Cry 6 DLC content to tackle, as well as a love letter to all Far Cry fans who have stuck with the game from the 3rd installment. 

The Season Pass content for Far Cry 6

Now, the Far Cry 6 Season Pass includes 3 DLC stories for players to indulge in, however, they’re not going to be missions like the ones mentioned previously. Instead, players are going to take a trip down Memory lane by playing as some of Far Cry’s Villans from the previous titles. The ones, in particular, are Vaas, Pagan Minn, and Joseph Seed. 

Each of the characters is going to have all new dialogue, and they’re going to be voiced by the same people from the original game, keeping continuity for the series. However, these story missions aren’t going to take place in their respective locations. It seems that the characters are trapped within their own minds, and they’re pitted against enemies from the series past. However, players won’t be strong enough to conquer the world right from the beginning. Players are going to die, a lot. That’s the nature of the roguelike mode this game is however, Ubisoft calls it “die and retry.” The trailer says that players are only going to start with a pistol, and have to scavenge for resources, then make it back to the safehouse if they plan on upgrading their abilities, and getting better weapons to fight their way through the nightmare world, and escape. 

Each DLC is going to expand upon the backstory of each of Far Cry’s villans, with the first being Vaas. His DLC for Far Cry 6 is set to release sometime in November. The DLC is appropriately entitled Insanity. Pagan Minn’s is Control, and John Seed’s is Collapse. 

Each of these missions is going to include co-op, so players can call upon a friend if they want to take the fight together. 

To top all it off, fans are going to get Far Cry Blood Dragon for in between the release of the Vaas DLC, and the Pagan Minn DLC. Those who haven’t had the chance to play one of the Best Far Cry spinoffs yet have all the more reason to pick up the DLC. Far Cry 6 is slated to come out on October 7th for Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and PC.


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