Fans Find “Pay-to-Win” Warzone Skin as HDR Oceanographer Dominates

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 8th 2021

Call of Duty’s Warzone mode is a crock-pot of issues, all bubbling together like a stew. Cheating, hacking, glitches, all sorts of negatives. Despite that, it’s still a very fun game, and brings in tons of new players daily. However, a Blueprint has players in Warzone furious: The Oceanographer HDR blueprint for the Sniper Rifle. It’s a blueprint that is seeing people dominate games, and at first, it’s not really clear why. After a bit of a look around the internet, we see why. Of course, a Sniper Rifle that gives you more vision while scoping in than normal is far more powerful.

But Is It Pay To Win?

There are a variety of pay-to-win items in Warzone, and we could very easily come up with a whole list of them. If this weren’t the case, it could be an isolated incident, the power of Warzone’s Oceanographer HDR skin. After all, there are pay-to-win guns all through Call of Duty’s history. There is a gun that gives more damage than the base version, or the first Mythic gun in CoD: Mobile that’s very pay-to-win.

We’re talking about Warzone’s Oceanographer HDR skin though. It’s not the color of the gun that is the issue. Honestly, it’s a pretty hideous gun, with purples, magenta, and cyan throughout. Instead, we’re looking at how much vision you have with the gun in general. This was pointed out on Reddit by u/aur0n. They suggested since there’s been talk about pay-to-win guns with different stats in the store, they showed off the difference between the Standard HDR and the Oceanographer HDR.

Instead of a black screen around the scoped-in area, you have peripheral vision. The Oceanographer HDR skin shows you the whole screen, including what’s scoped in. So if someone were skulking around, you would possibly see them and have an advantage. The Redditor also had this to say:

“I know it’s not as broken as the MAC-10 with increased base stats like we had some weeks ago, but I still find it unfair that people who shopped the HDR in the store have a better weapon (with peripheral vision) than others that don’t want to spend money on it.”

However, this isn’t a new issue, sadly. It’s months old, and it’s on a Modern Warfare gun. The odds of seeing any changes on this seem to be low, because people have just given up on complaining about it. Frankly, we can see this being leaning towards the “pay-to-win” camp. It doesn’t give you additional damage or anything, but vision is always an advantage.

If you’re using the standard scope, and someone is sneaking up on an ally, you won’t see it. But if you’re scoping in to keep an eye on an ally and take out threats, you will see that enemy coming up, and you can intercept/snipe the threat down (in theory). That’s why we can see this being an advantage you spend real money on. Where do you stand though? Is it “not a big deal” or is it an egregious oversight on Warzone’s part? We’d love to know what you think on social media! It’s not the worst Blueprint Call of Duty has ever released, it’s not a good look regardless.


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