Fall Guys’ Newest Update Adds More Powerful Anti-Cheat and the Mighty ‘Big Yeetus’

by in General | Sep, 15th 2020

Fall Guys’ latest update drops today, and with it comes a pair of truly mighty additions to the game. From the mouth of the Fall Guys Twitter page, it adds “BIG YEETUS & ANTI-CHEATUS”! This is the update we’ve been waiting for! Sadly, Fall Guys has been flooded with cheaters, because we aren’t allowed to have nice things. With all the negative news in esports lately, this is finally something to be happy about. It’s more than just anti-cheat though, there’s also the mighty hammer, Big Yeetus. It is not your friend, but it is not your enemy. It is neutral, a force of nature. Big Yeetus does not commit acts out of malice. It merely is.

High Risk, High Reward

Fall Guys stays winning though. At first, Mediatonic wasn’t banning people at all. They added their own anti-cheat measures to the game, and began gathering data on players. They wanted to make sure that anyone banned for cheating was actually cheating, not just incredibly skilled. 

Once they saw their anti-cheat measures were working, we saw “Cheater Island”, which again, is the best concept. Cheater Island is a queue for people who have been caught cheating. Mediatonic reports that players who were claiming to fall forever/wait an unreasonably long time in queues were likely people who were hacking. 

This update does increase the anti-cheat functionality of Fall Guys though – they added Epic’s Anti-Cheat technology to the game, so we hope that will cut down on cheaters. Why cheat in a game like this though? It’s adorable and fun, so maybe just let people have fun, instead of being a jerk? Just some food for thought.

The full patch notes have not dropped yet, but Fall Guys’ Twitter account points out that there will be patch notes once the update actually drops. We can look forward to a lot of stability and balance though. We do have to say that “Big Yeetus” is one of the best patch note updates of the year, and we’re glad it came from Fall Guys.

If Fall Guys can keep up this momentum and continues the revolutionary tactic of “listening to their audience”, it could be a huge force in online gaming for years to come. Not to mention it’s actually fun! Who would have thought that would be such a draw?


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