Faker and T1 to Appear on Run BTS Episode

by in Entertainment | Nov, 3rd 2020

T1 may not be No. 1 this year in the League of Legends Championship Series, but they’re still the tops to us. A teaser was posted yesterday, with some huge news to go along with it. Through T1’s Twitter account, they promoted that Faker and T1 will be making an appearance on Run BTS, the K-pop mega-group’s web series. This may be the biggest collaboration to come out of South Korea yet.

T1 never stays out of the news for very long. The last thing we heard was that they picked up some of the iBUYPOWER players for their Valorant squad. This can be considered fairly controversial, considering the history of matchfixing. Fortunately, this news is pretty good!


It’s not a stretch to say that T1 is one of (if not the most) popular League of Legends teams in the world, likely due to Faker. When we heard that Faker and the rest of T1 would be joining the biggest musical act in South Korea on Run BTS, we were naturally excited.

Run BTS is a long-standing web series where the K-pop group goes on missions, takes on challenges, and plays games. What could this mean? Ideally, BTS will be taking on T1 in a heated battle of League of Legends. After all, T1 (formerly SKT T1) is the boy band’s favorite League team, and Kim “Jin” Seok-jin of BTS is an avid player of the MOBA.

K-pop is making waves in esports right now. From (G)I-DLE joining with Riot Games for the K/DA music and artists investing in teams, we can only imagine what kind of viewer numbers this collaboration will bring. Run BTS is already a pretty big deal, but when you drop in the most popular League of Legends team in the world, who knows what will happen? If Riot Games Korea were wise, they’d hype this up too.

The latest episode of Run BTS, hopefully starring the T1 lads, airs at 7 a.m. ET on either VLive or Weverse. It has to be good if there are already 14,000 views on their VLive channel today, and the video’s only been out for roughly three hours at this point. But the big question we have, is the same one Team Liquid jokingly posed: Is Faker joining BTS?


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