FACEIT Will Likely Have Valorant Support on Day One

by in Valorant | May, 27th 2020

Valorant is going to be officially live much faster than you might think – June 2 is the expected date for the game’s full launch. But Riot Games claim they have no plans for esports just yet. They want to see the need for it to grow organically, which is fine. But there are so many teams preparing for it anyway. However, all is not lost yet. We’ve heard that FACEIT plans on having support for Valorant on day one!

That’s right, you’ll be able to get your fix of competitive esports action through FACEIT. Will they stream matches/host tournaments? Here’s what we know so far!

FACEIT: Esports Are the Future

Come on, that was funny! I laughed anyway. Anyway, FACEIT is a world-leading platform for esports competition. They have a track record of success across a variety of games. My personal experience with them was limited to playing SMITE, but I respect the work and understand what they bring to the table.

FACEIT already has plans for Valorant, but they aren’t quite ready yet. The game is still in closed beta for another week, so the FACEIT matchmaking isn’t available for everyone. But the FACEIT system is tailormade for competition. They have 128 tick servers, a built-in anti-cheat system, better matchmaking than most games provide, tournament support, and so much more.

However, the question I have is how their anti-cheat will interact with Vanguard (Riot’s new anti-cheat). Riot has admittedly already soulbanned wave after wave of cheaters, but some people think it’s not such a great, secure system as Riot Games touts.

But what’s a soulban? Soulbans are what Riot calls their bans. According to Philip Kosinkas, if you’ve cheated before, all past, present, and future accounts will also be suspended. Whew, that’s rough but fair! If you cheat, a punishment should come harshly. One does not accidentally cheat. Some individuals will be unbanned when the game launches, to try to play fairly on one account.

But that apparently, is as far as their mercy goes. I think they should stay banned, but that’s me. So my question is if these two systems will interfere with one another. Vanguard supposedly auto-bans cheaters, so tournament organizers may not need to use FACEIT at all.

But no anti-cheat system is perfect. Having additional tools at your disposal, in theory, can’t hurt. The auto-banning system is going to kick on on June 2 when the game launches. But since there is no esports system planned by Riot Games yet, this may be our only way to watch “professional” Valorant. With so many teams forming in professional orgs, and no esports league planned, have they jumped the shark?

I doubt it. Riot Games would be foolish to leave all that money on the table and not run a Valorant League. The real question is if they would let other people run tournaments, say, through FACEIT. So far, we’ve heard nothing to the contrary.

FACEIT has a pretty great system in play, so we hope to see some exceptional Valorant esports action through their program. The ability to have those massive servers, global competition and their tournament support has never been more important, thanks to how COVID-19 has changed the world. Esports can’t be done in person right now, so FACEIT just might be the future (or at least the present).

Would you run/join a tournament through FACEIT, or would you rather wait for Riot Games to speak up? Let us know below!


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