F1 Esports Series 4 Will Be Remote and have a Record Prize Pool

by in Sports Games | Aug, 14th 2020

Aramco is bringing back the F1 Esports Series with Series 4, and it’s going to have one of the biggest prize pools for simulated sports yet! How does 750,000 dollars sound for a prize pool? It makes me wish I wasn’t rubbish at driving sim games, that’s how I feel!  It was reported that another record-breaking moment occurred, with over 237,000 people attempting to qualify for this year’s F1 series. That’s a growth of +118% from 2019 (109,000). That event also had players playing on console as well as mobile, which is just awesome. 

It’s nice to see that people don’t absolutely have to have titanic home sim systems that cost thousands (but it probably helps). For you Formula 1 fans, you won’t have to wait too long! It all kicks off on August 27th, 2020 with the “Pro Draft Reveal Show”!

Must Proceed Swiftly

The Pro Draft Reveal will have official F1 teams revealing who they selected to drive for them. With over 237,000 people trying to get in, only the cream of the crop will be in this virtual race series. We’re so glad to see that the F1 Esports Series will come back with Season 4. Thanks to COVID-19/The coronavirus pandemic, this will all be done remotely. 

Each of the teams will be required to add at least one qualifying draft member to their three-driver roster, from a group of 45 qualifiers. We can only imagine how intense the times and struggle to get in were. All of the Pro Draft qualifiers are available to be picked. There’s no knockout racing qualification at least. This is mostly due to a shorter process, thanks to COVID-19. 

All competitors will be racing from home and team factories, to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. This way, fans of F1 can still get amazing action to watch, while everyone is being safe. The Virtual Grand Prix series was also a wild, smashing success, so this has only led to more hype around the F1 Esports Series 4. The Virtual Grand Prix had over 30 million global viewers through eight events in just a few months. 

Julian Tan, Head of Digital Business Initiatives and Esports had this to say:

“F1 Esports has had a huge year with the massive success of the Virtual Grand Prix series that we ran through lockdown. This has set us up well for the launch of the 2020 F1 Esports Series which will be our biggest and most innovative season yet. With over 237,000 participants this year, up from 109,000 participants in 2019, we are seeing incredible growth. We also continue to push boundaries by offering our largest ever cash prize fund of $750,000 which is industry-leading as well as continue to innovate by adapting quickly in the current landscape and operating the series entirely remotely as we look to ensure an enjoyable, but safe, Pro Series this year – we can’t wait to get started!”

Back in 2019, David Tonizza (Ferrari) won the F1 Esports Series alongside Red Bull, and that had 8.7 million viewers on digital and TV. With 169 million social media impressions, it was the most successful season yet. We have a feeling that Series 4 will be even more of a hit. Here’s another interesting stat:

This is the first time that the two winners of the inaugural F1 Esports Series China Championship are going to be available to selected for a team. That’s right, Tang Tianyu and Yuan Yifan will be available after their success in last year’s regionals. They were the two fastest drivers in that competition, so we’re sure these two have a shot at being first picked.

When and How Will It Run?

The actual Pro Series will run from October through December, with the same format as last season – a 12-round championship. There will be four online events with three races, but the races will be run at an increased distance (of 35%). To stay in line with the real F1 World Championship, there’s also a new full qualifying format for 2020. 

Points scoring will also follow the World Championship rules. F1’s official logistics partner DHL will be rewarded an extra point to the driver with the fastest lap, so make sure you go fast! There will also be way more content to absorb than ever before. There will be eight live broadcasts, which is double from last year! During event weeks, there will be live races on Wednesday and Thursday. 

John Clarke, Gfinity’s Chief Executive Officer also weighed in:

“The F1 Esports Series goes from strength to strength. Formula 1 has benefited from being an early adopter in the gaming space, with millions of young fans now engaging with the series. It is hitting the right notes in terms of driver performance, competitive racing and all round entertaining content. This year is going to raise the bar even higher. Expect high octane racing with lots of tension. Gfinity is proud to be a long-term esports operator for F1 and be at the heart of the design and delivery of this industry-leading competition”.

If that’s not enough for you, there will also be a supplementary live-streamed qualifying session series on both days to add even more content. But where can you find the F1 Esports Series 4? It will be broadcast on all of F1’s social media channels: Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Huya. It will also air on certain TV channels, with two live shows per event beaming from the Gfinity Arena.

It’s shaping up to be a wild year for F1 Esports! It will be played on the most recent F1 2020 game from Codemasters, and equipment will be provided by Fanatec. We at Esports Talk are glad to see more types of esports growing, and especially to see how the mainstream has embraced F1 esports. Who will come out on top? You’ll have to tune in to see!


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