Execute Confirmed for PUBG Mobile Global Championship After Points Fix

by in PUBG Mobile | Oct, 29th 2020

The conclusion to the Execute debacle during the PUBG Mobile Pro League has been decided. The popular PUBG Mobile team will be officially going to the Global Championship 2020 to represent the Americas region as one of only three teams that will be there.

Tencent Announces Decision Regarding Execute

This decision was announced via Instagram by the PUBG Mobile Esports page with a lengthy letter going over everything that happened during this crazy situation. The gist of it is that Execute will be the third and final team who will participate as part of the Americas in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

This may seem like ordinary news at a glance, but it is a wild situation that happened recently during the Pro League Americas’ Season 2 finals. Day two of the event occurred on Oct. 23, where the best of the best from the Americas competed.

The hope was to get as many points as possible to be in the top three spots and secure a place in the PUBG Mobile Global Championships this year. However, one particular match didn’t necessarily go as planned when it came to how the scoring worked.

The fourth match of day two of the finals featured Execute competing in a match to get as many points as possible. However, a major issue with scoring that happened during this match resulted in the wrong team moving forward to the championship.

What the Points Problem Was

The problem happened with the team’s player ZooTay who was in the match and got a kill on one of the enemies seemingly. It seemed that way, but the actual game didn’t register the kill for some reason. The team wasn’t given a point for that elimination.

This was something that the Execute player even noted online, stating that there was some bug that occurred, causing the team to miss out on that kill. You can even watch the match and still see that he could get three kills in total, but the game only recognized two of them.

This was a major issue that the community brought to Tencent’s attention, especially because of the ramifications of this decision. It wasn’t just a lost point because of this but an entire placement and a spot in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship for Execute.

At the time of the match, Execute and fellow pro team Alpha7 were tied in terms of points with 156 each. This tie couldn’t continue as only one of the teams would be allowed to join the Global Championship and fill the team roster’s final spot.

Tencent Has Figured Out the Issue

As such, the tie was broken and determined by the team with the most kills, which happened to be Alpha7 Esports. That team moved on to the third-place spot while Execute was stuck in fourth. This only made matters worse since this meant it missed out on a championship slot.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Tencent to announce that it was investigating the matter thoroughly and would come up with an ultimate decision about what happened and where to go from here. Since then, the PUBG Mobile developer has come up with its results.

The developer went through a “lengthy internal review” that included community-provided screenshots, time stamps, and some back-end development tools to figure out what happened. In the end, it has confirmed that an issue did happen in the middle of the match.

The problem was identified as a server glitch that was due to an internet issue of some kind. The details are vague at this point, but it does look like the glitch did happen and didn’t fully register the third kill that ZooTay had, even though it did occur in the match.

Execute Will Now Be in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Since the scoring issue did happen, Execute has been formally granted one extra point for the kill, bringing up their total score for the season finals to 157 points. That is now one more point than Alpha7, breaking the tie formally and making the placements a done deal.

Alpha7 is no longer the third-place team for the Americas in Season 2 and will no longer be attending the PUBG Mobile Global Championship because of this scoring issue. Fortunately, it does look like this problem is one that was seemingly amicably resolved.

Tencent spoke with both teams before revealing the decision to the public and “both teams understand of the situation.” This is a sucky situation in all honesty, for Alpha7 thought they would be in the Global Championship but no longer are.

However, it does seem like this is something that Tencent will have to figure out. Though the developer has identified the issue, it hasn’t been fixed. Fortunately, the developer determined the root problem that caused this and worked on a plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future tournaments.

Here’s hoping that the plan is put into place in time for the Global Championship coming up quickly. That tournament will need the best possible scenario for integrity, fairness, and accurate scoring so that the winner of that event can be confident that they won it fair and square.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship will happen about a month from now, in late November, where the 20 best teams in the mobile battle royale game from around the world will compete for the massive $2 million prize pool.


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