EXCEL Esports Officially Part Ways With Czekolad and Tore

by in League of Legends | May, 14th 2021

We already knew that EXCEL Esports was looking to make big changes coming into the 2021 LEC Summer Split, and now we have official confirmation as well: mid-laner Paweł “Czekolad” Szczepanik and veteran LEC support Tore “Tore” Hoel Eilertsen will no longer compete under the EXCEL banner. This, in short, should come as no surprise.

EXCEL’s Statement

As is always the case, the aforementioned roster changes were accompanied by a fairly straight-forward PR statement: 

“Ahead of the LEC Summer Split, we have decided to make two roster changes. We can confirm that Czekolad and Tore will be leaving EXCEL. We will always be grateful for the passion and skills they have both brought to the team, and we wish them both all the best for the future. Roster changes are never easy, however, we have to look at ways to improve our team’s synergy and performance. We have done extensive tryouts during the off-season and are confident we have a roster going forward that will help us achieve our Summer Split ambitions.”

All in all, the parting words of EXCEL Esports head coach (and the revered “six-star general”) Joey “Youngback” Steltenpool aren’t enough to create any semblance of hype for what’s to come. Getting excited for EXCEL is becoming harder and harder by the minute, and they’ve done very little to warrant anyone’s benefit of the doubt going forward. 

Change as a Necessity

Now, no one’s saying that Czekolad and Tore are the crème de la crème — they’re not, and we’re all aware of it. Still, they don’t deserve to be blamed for EXCEL’s inability to perform and deliver on the LEC stage. Czekolad, in particular, warranted at least another split to prove his worth and potentially grow into a LEC-worthy mid laner. Kicking him mid-season is pretty much the worst thing EXCEL could’ve done as it’s unlikely he’ll be able to sign for anyone else any time soon. 

Tore was at least picked up by MAD Lions Madrid, so not all is grim. In any case, EXCEL’s LEC tenure has been nothing short of abysmal, and it’s not like they didn’t have ample time to mount an offensive and accomplish something worthy of mentioning. In fact, they’re the only organization in the LEC that has never accomplished anything whatsoever — they’ve never reached the playoffs, nor did they ever really threaten the long-established status quo. They’ve been dreadful from day one and, by the looks of it, that’ll remain the case going forward.


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