Excel Esports Join FIFA Esports With Record-Breaking Signing

by in Sports Games | Sep, 24th 2021

Excel Esports is making some major moves heading into FIFA esports, with a pair of massive signings. Excel Esports has made the biggest transfer perhaps in all of FIFA esports history by signing Tom “Tom Leese. For those that don’t know, Tom’s been the number one ranked FIFA player in the world for the last two years. He’s a major deal in the world of digital footballers. That’s not all, either. As the team manager, they’ve signed a former FIFA pro, Nathan “Zelonius” Horton. Tom and Zelonius herald the arrival of Excel Esports getting into FIFA esports for the org, and it could be a major deal for them.

Excel Esports Breaks Into FIFA

Excel Esports announced another player would be revealed soon, but they’ve already got the best FIFA player in the world right now. There’s no doubt they’ll pick someone up that compliments Tom’s skills. It only made sense to jump into FIFA, especially with Excel Esports’ brand ambassador is Dele Alli, a professional footballer. The goal of Excel, other than to win championships, is to highlight and celebrate UK-based FIFA talent worldwide.

Tom is truly one of the best in the world and began competing at 17. He competed as a hobby and placed top six in his first tournament: FIFA17 Ultimate Team Championship 2017. From there, he signed his first deal with FUTWIZ and is now joining Excel. This is hot on the heels of him winning the E-Premier League, so it’s only natural people would want to sign him for their squad. But, Excel Esports got to him.

FIFA professional Tom ‘Tom’ Leese comments. “I am proud to be joining the Excel team as their first-ever professional FIFA signing! When Excel first approached me, the idea of working together definitely caught my attention. The drive within the Excel team to constantly improve and the commitment to jumping straight into the competitive FIFA space really excites me. I want to take my competitive performance and content up another gear and continue to build myself and the growing team whilst doing this, and I feel Excel is the perfect place for me to do this. I believe we both share a vision and drive to establish ourselves as a leading team in the scene and I’m looking forward to making that happen!”

Thanks to this incredible new FIFA esports signing, we can expect engaging video and social media content from Excel Esports. FIFA is great fun and an exciting esport, but they want more eyes on it. Excel plans to work with EA and the other teams to try and drive more eyes towards the virtual football esport. We can also expect an awesome out-of-game Excel Esports kit – including a new Excel Esports jersey. 

Joining Tom on this FIFA journey is Nathan “Zelonius” Horton, a teacher who just posted educational articles on the FIFA Reddit, who then went to stream and play full-time. They are also someone who signed with FUTWIZ. Zelonius will surely help Excel Esports reach the heights they’re after. 

“I am excited to be announced as the manager of Excel’s first FIFA team,” said Nathan “Zelonius” Horton, manager for FIFA. “I truly believe in the vision of this FIFA team and think it is a really exciting team to be joining. I can’t wait to help Excel to become the most successful team in FIFA – especially with some exciting upcoming announcements. I also really resonate with Excel’s power of better. As a content creator in FIFA, I’ve had numerous in-depth conversations with viewers where I’ve been able to help them and using the platform I have at Excel and the great tools we have here. I really want to do the best I can to embody this manifesto.”

It’s truly exciting news for Excel Esports right now. They also brought on a sports/celebrity photographer to help develop a new creative direction for David Ellis. He’s worked with some of the best of the best, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. It sounds like Excel Esports is looking to change the FIFA esports game. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of it.


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