Ex-Luminosity Fortnite Players Launch One Percent Organization

by in Fortnite | Jul, 7th 2020

Luminosity may have announced that they were letting their Fortnite team search for other opportunities, but the crew that slays together, stays together, as they say. And they are indeed staying together and going big with the launch of the One Percent brand.

As part of their launch, the crew has dropped quite the amount of limited edition merch on the esports world, reminiscent of the launch of 100 Thieves. However, unlike Nadeshot’s brand, this team also launched by buying out a ridiculous mansion with their own money, as well as already has a stable of extremely talented Fortnite players.

The One Percent Fortnite Roster

The One Percent roster includes Alex “Formula” Kushelevskiy, Kiwiz, Nicks, Razz, Aeolus and Randumb. The team was established with zero help from investors or sponsors, though they refer to the fact that they will be looking for sponsors throughout their mansion tour. The tour was a ridiculous display of excess and played more like an episode of MTV Cribs than most things you might see in esports. However, these players have made quite the living off of YouTube earnings and Fortnite tournament winnings.

The merch launched includes several t-shirts and a hoodie, with all of these products set to no longer be offered as of July 8. The team left Luminosity in late June with apparent plans to start an organization. This was their plan all along. They were upset with the way Luminosity announced their departure, as the team had been planning this move for quite some time and wanted it to be a surprise to the esports and Fortnite community.

It seems that they are already off to a good start. The YouTube channel from the brand has already crested 600k subscribers as of press time. Their announcement video was also No. 1, trending for the whole website at one point on July 6, with more than a million views on the video. No plans have yet been announced for the team as far as further expansion into games outside of Fortnite, nor has a competitive schedule been announced for what events the team’s members will be competing in.

The Excesses of Fortnite Esports Made This Possible

This display of excess shows off exactly how rich the Fortnite community already is, despite the game’s relatively young age. As of right now, Fortnite has awarded the third most money in esports history, with over $90 million in prizes already being distributed. This does not mention the earnings from streaming, YouTube, and other brand deals that players such as the ones on One Percent have previously made.

The mansion that the team occupies features at least seven bedrooms, several office spaces, a movie theater, an infinity pool and hot tub, a piano once played by Frank Sinatra, and many other excesses probably isn’t necessary for a YouTube and esports organization. That’s not even mentioning the four sportscars they had out in the driveway. The most impressive part is how well these six members of the organization paid for everything out of pocket (or so they said).


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