Ex-iBUYPOWER Player DaZeD Joins T1’s Valorant Roster

by in Valorant | Oct, 13th 2020

Back in August 2014, a huge match-fixing scandal took place in CSGO, between iBUYPOWER and NetcodeGuides.com, in the CEVO Professional League, Season 5. All seven players involved in the scandal were permanently banned from Valve-sponsored events. One of those was Sam ‘DaZeD” Marine, who is now officially on T1’s Valorant Roster. 

iBUYPOWER Comeback

What’s fascinating about this, is all of the banned iBUYPOWER players are now officially in the Valorant Pro Scene. Have the iBP players learned their lesson from this event? We can only hope so. The long and short of the match-fixing scandal is that there was evidence that the two teams colluded to see iBP throw the match (where they lost, 16-4) on August 20th. Match-fixing is still a serious problem in CSGO, with allegations still going around for other players/teams. We’ve covered the iBP scandal in greater detail before, which you can find here.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole thing, is that three of the ex-IBP players were already on T1’s Valorant Roster. Braxon “brax” Pierce and Keven “AZK” Larivière were signed prior to this announcement. One of the players not permabanned by Valve, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham is also a part of the squad, recruited in June. 

The fifth member of the team, Joshua “steel” Nissan is also in Valorant, which we reported on earlier this month, as a member of the 100 Thieves Roster. Now, we aren’t suggesting that these players are going to be up to their old shenanigans again, far from it. We want to see this caliber of player in Valorant, creating amazing rivalries and matches. 

However, T1 needs one more player to join their Valorant roster, and there’s no telling who that might be. It needs to be said that Dazed’s presence as an on-screen analyst for local CSGO events has been received well by the community. Now Dazed is a member of the T1 Valorant roster, and ready to light the scene on fire with his skill. Match-fixing aside, he is an incredible player, taking first-place in a host of A and S tier events (ESEA, CEVO, and others). It’s not like he’s a bad player, but he definitely was a part of a terrible scandal in the CSGO community.

A Place for Redemption

This could be a way to redeem players who threw their careers away and bring that skill and talent back to the limelight. If that’s true, we’re glad to see it. Hopefully, in six months we aren’t back here talking about more match-fixing in the Valorant community.

A more notorious group of players you aren’t likely to find in any other game. With people losing their faith in CSGO/Valve, and their ability to sustain an esport, this is Valorant’s chance. Dazed joining T1’s Roster could be the feel-good, comeback story we’re waiting for in Valorant. But Valorant doesn’t even have an official league yet, and all these powerful teams are coming up! Does Valorant even need an official Riot Games League? Could it survive without Riot? That’s a conversation for another day. 

Where do you stand? Do the iBP boys deserve another shot at glory or were their actions unforgivable? Don’t forget to let us know on Twitter!


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