Evil Geniuses Partner With Cxmmunity to Spread Esports in HBCU’s

by in Collegiate Esports | Jan, 13th 2021

Minorities do not see enough representation in esports; that’s just a fact. We’ve talked before about HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) and their lack of esports. A few organizations have come to help, and Evil Geniuses is no exception. Now, Evil Geniuses has teamed up with Cxmmunity to create a relationship with these HBCUs and spread esports to these universities. You absolutely love to see it.

Minority Support for Esports is a Must:

A host of HBCUs will see support from the Atlanta-based Cxmmunity and Evil Geniuses. This includes Morehouse College, North Carolina Central University, Oakwood University, Johnson C. Smith University, and 16 other schools. What can we expect from this partnership though?

This will involve Evil Geniuses internship program, the ‘Genius League’. Evil Geniuses promise to make certain that 25 percent of the Genius League candidates will go to applicants coming from these HBCUs. It’s certainly a solid start to making sure that esports representatives have a fair shot at coming from these schools.

Anthony Scala, Collegiate Lead at Evil Geniuses commented:

“Today marks the continuation of an ongoing commitment that we have to underrepresented communities within gaming and esports. We’ve focused on establishing a ‘front office path-to-pro’ to fuel passion within all aspects of the industry. By partnering with Cxmmunity to speak directly to the professional talent pool within HBCUs, we’re enriching the culture of the gaming ecosystem and giving back to the community that’s given so much to us.”

This is only part of the collaboration though. There will also be on-campus virtual events and activities coming through 2021. Evil Geniuses also pointed out that several Genius League candidates have made the move from intern to full-time employees within the start of the Genius League last year.

Chris Peay, Co-Founder of Cxmmunity had this to say:

“In my experience with HBCUs, often the most prominent hurdle is access to viable employment opportunities within emerging industries. Evil Geniuses is the perfect organization to surmount the opportunity gap for these talented candidates and help them translate their passion for the industry into a lasting career.”

Representation in HBCUs for minorities in collegiate esports is so important, and we’re glad to see Evil Geniuses and Cxmmunity coming together for this. 25% of the total applicants is nothing to sneeze at, either. There are so many jobs in esports, and to see that more minority representation is happening, well, we’re just really glad to see it.


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