Evil Geniuses Part Ways With Deftly, Will Field Proving Grounds ADC Danny

by in League of Legends | May, 17th 2021

Evil Geniuses have officially parted ways with Matthew “Deftly” Chen and will field their Proving Grounds ADC Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki (formerly known as Shiro) going forward. This, in short, is quite exciting news as Danny has all the hallmarks of a future star — bravado, mechanical prowess, and just the right amount of flashiness.

A Strange State of Limbo

Then again, it’s impossible not to wonder whether Danny will be enough to push this age-old organization towards title contention. It’s no secret that they’ve struggled mightily ever since they’ve rejoined the North American LCS. Throughout the last year and a half, it’s always been the same thing: flashes of brilliance that are too few and far between to warrant a spot at the very top. They’re good, if not even great at times, but they’re simply too volatile and inconsistent to rub shoulders with the Team Liquids, Cloud9s, and Team SoloMids of the world.

Now, he did make a couple of egregious mistakes here and there, and he wasn’t exactly as stellar as the stats would imply (at least not when it mattered most, i.e., the playoffs). However, he still did admirably well and was more than worthy of another split under EG’s banner. Then again, why field a seasoned veteran who has probably reached his peak when you can start with an incredibly talented rookie who has been clicking heads and taking names over in the Proving Grounds? It’s somewhat of a no-brainer. 

Whether Danny is an improvement or not is less important at this point — he won’t magically turn EG into a bona fide contender. This is a highly distinctive team, and we love them for it, but they’re also inherently flawed and limited in terms of their potential. We say this not out of any spite but rather as an assessment supported by empirical evidence. They’re perhaps a bit too overeager and prone to skirmishing regardless if it’s appropriate or not. They’re fun to watch, of course, but the best teams out there know darn well how to exploit EG’s telegraphed moves and punish them with ease.

In any case, Evil Geniuses should be a bit more dangerous with Danny aboard. However, it remains to be seen whether this one signing will result in any noticeable improvement ranking-wise.


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