NRG CS:GO Roster to Evil Geniuses

by in CS:GO | Sep, 25th 2019

100 Thieves may have been looking to sign NRG’s CS:GO roster to their brand but as the old saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm,” and fellow North American organization Evil Geniuses clearly took that to heart.

The team shocked everyone this morning when Dextero’s Dekay published an article this morning claiming NRG’s roster would be picked up by EG ahead of ESL One New York this weekend.

According to sources close to the matter, the deal is just a couple of days away from finishing up and will see the team participate for the first time under the banner at the event.

Too Slow 100 Thieves – Personal Take

The move was a major surprise considering how many rumors had linked the squad to 100 Thieves since the Major, with many assuming it was only a matter of time before the move was officially announced.

The fact that EG managed to snatch the team out from under them has likely got the 100T management kicking stones, but that’s what happens when you drag your feet on whether or not to pick one squad or the other up.

It could also mean, however, that the team already has a decision made for their roster, possibly the rumored pick up of the Renegades roster.

Either way, the move will definitely send some shockwaves around the scene with the return of EG, a team we haven’t seen in CS since early 2012 when the team shuttered it’s CS division, which had been playing the original Counter-Strike.

EG and NRG Swap

If this move is confirmed, it would mark EG’s first appearance in the CS:GO scene, though not for lack of trying.

The team was rumored to be looking into the old iBUYPOWER roster back in 2014, but those plans fell through after the squad got involved in a major match-fixing scandal that saw all but one player on the squad, Skadoodle, receive indefinite bans from Valve-sponsored events.

While the rumors are just that, rumors, they have gained some credence after EG made a post teasing a roster announcement tomorrow, stating in it, “Tomorrow, we’re bringing Evil back.”

We’ll continue to follow this story and keep you all updated as it develops in the next 24 hours and we find out if we’ll finally see an Evil Geniuses CS:GO roster.


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