Evil Geniuses Danny Wins 2021 LCS Summer Rookie of the Split

by in League of Legends | Aug, 16th 2021

Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, the youngest player in the LCS and an astoundingly talented marksman who’s currently competing for Evil Geniuses, has been awarded the prestigious Rookie of the Split award! The sheer fact that EG’s coaching staff got a similar nod makes all the sense in the world — they’ve been on a tear lately, and watching it all unfold has been nothing short of mesmerizing!

Danny wasn’t particularly impressive from the start, but EG believed in his potential and, frankly, it’s easy to understand why: he’s an absolute phenom whenever he gets “in the zone.” With an equally aggressive playmaker beside him (Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun), it’s also easy to understand how he was able to blossom and develop in such a staggeringly short amount of time.

To go straight from the amateur scene into the LCS requires a metric ton of confidence and, needless to say, Danny has it in spades. You can see it in his moves on the Rift, too — he’s always looking to style and flex on his opponents which is exactly what Evil Geniuses were looking for: a mechanically gifted marksman with a penchant for theatrics!

The Stats Don’t Tell the Whole Tale

Danny has had one incredible rookie season

If you were to glance at Danny’s stats you probably wouldn’t be all that impressed. He’s one of those players who deliver in a split second and who can turn the tides of battle on a moment’s notice with a brilliant ultimate or flank. He won’t blow anyone’s mind with his laning nor will he set any KDA records, but those things don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

What does matter, however, is the ability to clutch things out, and that’s precisely what he excels at. If you were to judge Danny solely on his play, you would never be able to tell that this was his first split in the LCS, and while he’s certainly had some exceptional teammates to lessen the load, he still did his job and made it look easy in the process, too!

The fact that Danny won Rookie of the Split should really come as no surprise — he stood out in all the right ways and took an incredibly short amount of time to make the whole region take notice!


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