Evil Geniuses Complete Rebrand Started Half a Year Ago

by | May, 20th 2020

Evil Geniuses launched their rebrand with the handing over of the reigns to new CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson nearly half a year ago. Today, they’ve completed their redesign with a new crest and jersey design, answering fan complaints about the loss of the former EG crest.

Along with the completion of their rebranding, EG has also announced that they are partnering with LG as their official marketing partner. They will be promoting LG’s new UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

Evil Geniuses’ Rebrand Includes New Jersey, Crest

The Evil Geniuses rebrand was implemented to ‘showcase EG’s core brand DNA, both internally to players and staff, and externally to partners and the community.’ This excerpt from the press release seems to be in direct response to fans and critics of EG’s original rebranding efforts, which felt like a severe departure from the team’s original logo and history. Of course, given EG’s complete departure from their original ownership, and even ownership by Twitch, that was a given. 

The new logo incorporates four design elements that fans should take note of:

Evil Geniuses Rebrand Jersey
  • Iconic: The new crest maintains a strong connection to the past logo, being similar in shape to the original. EG says that this is synonymous with esports legacy and world-class performance.
  • Geometry: the circular shape provides a “representation of inclusivity”
  • Serifs: Two shape serifts at the head and tail of the monogram “signifies EG’s voice of innovation and risk taking\
  • Removal of outer bevel for a stronger, bolder and cleaner look. 

“Today represents a culmination of over a year of incredibly hard work and dedication by our entire organization,” said Nicole LaPointe Jameson, chief executive officer of Evil Geniuses. “Fueled by the passion of our unshakable community, we’ve finally given a face to our vision that’s not only representative and respectful of our past, but also dictates EG’s place in the future of esports.”

The new EG jerseys were also a highlight of the announcement today. According to the press release, the new jersey designs celebrate the individuality of each player on the team with details unique to each player, as well as standing out from the competition with “bold design and intricate details.”

These details include a unique player number for each player on the team, as well as a national flag patch representing the nationality of the player. The brand’s tagline Live Evil is featured on the jersey, as well as the original founding date of EG.

“Whether you cheered us to victory at TI5 in 2015, or you’re just becoming a fan of esports now, we strive every day to be there for our community,” said Phil Aram, chief gaming officer at Evil Geniuses. “We look forward to seeing our players write the next chapter of EG championships while under a banner that’s truly symbolic of everything that we stand for.”

It remains to be seen if the finalized rebrand will silence critics of Evil Geniuses, but one thing is for certain – it is at least far closer to the legacy of the team that spawned the original logo in appearance.


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