Evil Dead: The Game Is Coming Soon From Big Boss Games

by in General | Jun, 10th 2021

The masterclass horror turned horror-comedy series Evil Dead is getting a licensed multiplayer title in the form of Evil Dead: The Game. Featuring content and characters from all three original films and the Ash Vs. Evil Dead show, players can take the role of Ash Williams and friends and fight against the powerful Kandarian Demon and its army of deadites.

Not Your Average Horror Game

Revealed during the Game Awards in 2020, Evil Dead: The Game aims to take fans on a terrifying journey through the evil dead franchise in this twist on the asymmetrical horror title. Four players will team up to fight against the deadites, choosing from the many classic survivors from the previous entries in the series. Players can take down enemies while playing as Ash Williams, Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, Ash’s Little sister Cheryl, as well as Kelly Maxwell and Pablo Simon Bolivar from the STARZ series Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The game also includes all-new dialogue from Bruce Campbell. While he’s not going to play Ash in another movie, nothing is stopping him from getting in a sound booth and giving the fan-favorite character a voice.

However, this is not an average run-of-the-mill asymmetrical horror game. Whereas games like Dead by Daylight have players taking the role of a single entity, or in games like Friday the 13th, where the survivors are helpless, Evil Dead’s filmography happens to be ripe for twisting the genre of a 1v4 horror game, changing things up by having the characters fight their way through the armies of deadites the other player uses. The antagonist of the each match plays as the Kandarian Demon, who is able to fly around the map and possess deadites, allowing the antagonist to also get in on the action. However, possessing the undead isn’t all the demon can do, as there’s a chance that the Kandarian Demon can possess the players as well, turning what was once a friend into an adversarial foe. The survivors are also equipped to deal with the oncoming hordes of monsters since a staple of the series is the main characters putting up a good fight and eventually winning in the end, whether that’s by using Ash’s Chainsaw hand or Arthur’s sword.

Big Boss Is Working to Bring Content From Across the Franchise

Boss Team Games are working on the game, and while their only other contribution to the world of gaming is a mobile Cobra Kai card game, they’ve collaborated with Renaissance Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate Games, and STARZ to bring all the content from the entire series to one platform. This is a great selling point for Big Boss, as it shows fans that they care about the franchise, as the Evil Dead series had to be changed copyright holders for all three original films. To bring every Evil Dead-related property under one roof for a game is a massive undertaking and a breath of fresh air. The last attempt at making a game based on an iconic horror series, Friday the 13th: The Game, went the way of the dodo following a lawsuit between Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller over the rights to the property, so seeing rights holders on board with this game is a good look so far.

With every Evil Dead owner under one roof and Bruce Cambell giving the game his blessing, fans of the cult horror series will be in for a massive treat when the game is properly revealed on June 10th at Summer Games Fes


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