Everything You Need to Know About Modern Warfare Season 2

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 11th 2020

Activision released Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The second iteration of the online multiplayer game’s seasonal content is now available and is a bit different from what we saw in Season 1.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Is Here

After several leaks and rumors, Activision confirmed that Modern Warfare Season 2 is now available. Many data miners were right about some of the content in this new season, while other parts of it were kept a surprise until its release.

This season was highly anticipated by many players in the community because it would prove how the rest of the game’s history would go. It took quite a while for the first season to begin, well after the initial launch of the game last year.

The second season finally here. It has some necessary changes and additions for players to return or stick around to see what’s new. As you might have expected, there are new maps, a new themed battle pass, content, and even some PS4 exclusives.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the Modern Warfare Season 2 update 1.14 to see what’s new.

Modern Warfare Season 2: Update 1.14 Features Lots of New Maps

Besides the new battle pass, the largest part of the new Modern Warfare Season 2 update is new maps that players can check out in the game. These new multiplayer maps are for a variety of game modes in the game right now. There are quite a lot of them.

Some of these maps are brand-new additions to the game while others are familiar to veteran players in the series. One of these classic maps happens to be Rust. You might remember this beloved location from Modern Warfare 2.

This smaller map, built for that classic fast-paced combat that the series is known for, is at an oil yard in the middle of a desert. It is also the site of the campaign mission Endgame from the second game in the sub-series and offers some nice spots for cover and verticality.

That map is available along with the brand-new map Atlas Superstore. The standard multiplayer map takes place in a supercenter warehouse taken over by the Al-Qatala forces. We haven’t seen this unique indoor map before.

The map has some dense lanes filled with traffic from the players in these claustrophobic aisles. Players can also travel along the shipping, receiving and employee-only areas. It, too, is also available for most multiplayer modes starting today.

The traditional multiplayer game modes aren’t the only ones to get some new maps in the game. Ground War and Gunfight will also be getting some new additions. For Ground War fans, the new Zhokov Boneyard map is available.

Zhokov Boneyard is an odd location known as the graveyard of sorts for various airplanes and parts from planes. Found in Verdansk, the map is an airplane junkyard filled with interesting walkways as you traverse and try to capture the objectives.

Also available is a new map for the popular and competitive Gunfight mode called Bazaar. Taking place in the streets of Urzikstan, this map is across some tight streets of this marketplace. The symmetrical layout allows for some intense two on two action.

Lastly, Activision teased another new map coming during the middle of the second season. The new Khandor Hideout is available in standard multiplayer modes. Other than that, we know nothing about this upcoming map.

Modern Warfare Season 2: New Game Modes and Playlists

The Modern Warfare Season 2 update isn’t just about new maps either. Players can check out updated playlists and entirely new game modes, too. The first of these new modes is a limited-time game mode that sounds exciting but only sticks around briefly in the game.

It is called Gunfight Tournaments and is as it sounds. It takes the traditional Gunfight mentality and brings it into a tournament format. The single-elimination two versus two tournament bracket uses the normal Gunfight rules for each of the matches.

In total, 32 teams of two players each in every tournament compete until one team is left. Players have the chance to battle it out for some rewards in this new limited-time game mode. Make sure to check it out before it leaves the game.

The official Call of Duty League ruleset playlist, likely to be a more permanent playlist, follows this. The new uses the game modes, maps, and rules that you would find if you were a member of teams like London Royal Ravens and Chicago Huntsmen.

You can see how well you would do if you were to compete in the league or the Challengers portion of it. Also, you can see how solid your team of friends is against other teams in this highly competitive-based playlist.

Both of those playlists are available. More playlists will arrive as the season goes on. Demolition makes its debut during the middle of the season and is just like Search and Destroy.

In this mode you can respawn. Two teams battle it out as the attacking or defending team. The attackers must destroy both bomb sites within the time limit while the defenders cover their bomb sites. In a way, it is almost the opposite of normal Search and Destroy.

Infected Ground War, another new mode available in the middle of this season, infects the popular big team mode with an insane version of the normal zombie infected game type.

It is just like Infected with a team of infected enemies trying to take down the survivors. However, it will be on a much larger scale this time around. If you play the survivors, your job is to survive until the end of the round. While doing so, the infected will try to take you out and make you join their team.

Lastly, NVG Reinforce was teased for the middle of this season. We don’t know much about this mode at this time. However, it hints that it will be “under the cover of darkness,” so expect it to be a nighttime mode. The hybrid objective-based game type will somehow blend Domination and Search and Destroy.

Modern Warfare Season 2: Battle Pass and New Content

It turns out that the leaks were true as the battle pass in Season 2 is themed around the Ghosts. Two types of battle passes are available with a free version that costs nothing and a premium one if you want all of the new cosmetic rewards.

The free version of the battle pass has two new free weapons that everyone can collect, including the Grau 5.56 and Striker 45. The Grau 5.56 is a tier 15 unlockable lightweight assault rifle. The Striker 45 has a longer range and powerful SMG with a moderate rate of fire.

Along the free tiers that players unlock, they get 300 COD points in total, some calling cards, charms for your weapons, and more. Meanwhile, the premium battle pass offers 100 tiers with more than 100 items for players to collect along the way.

From the moment you purchase the paid version, you can unlock the Simon “Ghost” Riley skin to use in multiplayer. Besides the new skin, the 100 tiers offer new weapon blueprints, XP tokens, new Operator skins, challenges, and up to 1300 COD points.

You can purchase a battle pass bundle to immediately skip 20 tiers if you want and get a headstart on the 100 tiers this season. There is also a digital version of the game that comes with enough points to buy the battle pass bundle and more.

Players can expect new additional content to arrive in the store throughout the season, including two new Operators to collect. The first is Talon, a Canadian Special Forces member and Mace, a US Ranger that has turned into a gun for hire.

Modern Warfare Season 2: New Trials and Missions

There are new trials that players can take on during Season 2. For those who don’t know, these are solo adventures that allows the player to earn some precious experience. Four trials are going to be available at launch in Season 2.

The first is Quad Race, which is as it sounds. You can hop onto an ATV and race for the fastest time possible in this solo race. You can complete it as much as you want to master it and, hopefully, get the three-star rating with its sweet rewards.

The second trial is Fire in the Hole, a more explosive version of the Cornhole trial where you can practice your throwing skills with some lethal equipment and attempt to throw as many frag grenades at the target as you can in the time limit.

Price’s Alley is a challenging new trial where you need to use your quick-thinking skills to take out waves of hostiles while looking out for the civilians in the mix so that you don’t eliminate them, too.

Finally, we have Behind Enemy Lines where your job is simple. Take out all hostiles in the area as fast as you can to earn your best rating and get some experience in the process.

Modern Warfare Season 2: Exclusive Content for PS4 Users

Unfortunately for Xbox One and PC players, exclusive content exists in Season 2 for PS4 players. For starters, a new Special Ops Survival map uses Azhir Cave that you can now play on in that game mode.

You can also get an exclusive weapon blueprint, earned through an exclusive PS4 mission. You can unlock the Lucky Strike legendary LMG blueprint through the Lucky Strike mission. The exclusive content will eventually be available on Xbox One and PC, but not until October 1.

There was a lot to cover in Modern Warfare Season 2 update 1.14. We barely scratched the surface of everything. If you want to know more about the various new features, additions, changes and more, check out the full official blog post on the Activision website.


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