Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Season 2

By Cody Perez

February 20, 2020


fortnite season 2 patch notes

It’s finally here: Fortnite Season 2 is live right now. You can download update 12.00 and get right into the battle royale game’s new season. As with any season, this massive update comes with tons of new content waiting for players once they install it.

Epic Games Releases Another Major Update Without Patch Notes

Update 12.00 is available right now, shockingly, without any Fortnite Season 2 patch notes. You can download the game, enjoy all the changes, and not have any idea about the new specifics since there are no patch notes.

Unfortunately, this lets down our recent post about the changes that we would like to see this season. One of those significant changes was the return of the patch notes in the game. Season 1 mostly went without any specifications about everything new and different.

It eventually fixed with some of the updates getting patch notes with the main modes of the game separated, but that didn’t last for long. After all, players don’t have Fortnite Season 2 patch notes to scour through for exciting details.

Anyone can figure out major changes right from jumping into a match like new named locations, changes to existing locations, and the available challenges. But other minor details like smaller map changes, balancing, and bug fixes are harder to discover.

Thankfully, we did our best to find everything new and changed this season. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into our tentative, unofficial Fortnite Season 2 patch notes about everything you need to know this season.

New Named Locations

It all starts with the biggest and most obvious change in the game in Season 2: the map changes. The new battle royale island map reveals five new named locations are available in the game, which is a lot for a new season.

For a long time, Epic Games released two or three new named locations. Many times, those new locations would change versions of existing ones. In this case, though, all five are brand new and don’t affect the currently existing areas.

Also, the 13 existing points of interest are mostly the same. But now the map is super crowded with the added five areas. The first is The Yacht, a new location in the northeastern corner of the island.

Here, you will find a massive luxury ship that is several stories tall. You can explore a lot with this boat with plenty of loot to find. The Grotto to the south of it is a weird place that looks like nothing at first.

But if you jump down the hole, you will find a hidden oasis of sorts with buildings and loot galore. In the very middle of the map is the third spot known as The Agency. It takes up the place of the Eye Land landmark from before and turns it into a special place.

The fourth new named location is in the southwestern section of the map, just a stone’s throw away from Slurpy Swamp. It is called The Rig and is a massive oil rig on the coast of the island. Finally, in the upper left corner of the island is The Shark, a shark-shaped island with plenty of secrets available.

Stay tuned for our full rundown of the map changes this season so that you know what is new on the island.

New Battle Pass and Skins in Season 2

A new season wouldn’t be complete without a new battle pass. Called Top Secret, the latest seasonal pass is themed after secret agents. It’s all about stealing, taking out other spies, and choosing your side.

Two spy agencies are at war: The Ghost and Shadow. Players can choose a side for almost all the new skins in the Season 2 battle pass. For instance, one of the skins this season is the Brutus one.

With this skin, you can play as a slightly buff bodyguard-like man who has a normal form you can pick. But you can also choose to use his Shadow or Ghost variants to make him look different in battle. Most of the time, the Shadow versions have a black outfit while the Ghost ones are white.

In the paid battle pass this season, there are a lot of skins from the return of Peely to the Midas touch man. Each of these has variants, making them all unique. The queen of unique goes to the first skin you get in the game: Maya.

Maya is a unique skin that you can get in the game. She starts as a standard skin, but each player has the chance to make her their own. Every week, you can complete Maya’s challenges to unlock more customization options like hairstyle, and so on.

You can choose to apply those changes to Maya, but they are permanent. Once you’ve decided, she will keep that. Maya, reportedly, has more than three million total combinations of options, so players can truly make her their own.

Deadpool Skin Is Here

The latest collaboration skin is the most impressive and surprising one. Fresh off the Birds of Prey crossover where players got a Harley Quinn skin, Epic Games working with Disney again.

Players can unlock the Deadpool skin which is now officially in the game. You must “unlock” the skin rather than buy it in the item shop like most special event skins. You can unlock the Deadpool skin through various challenges.

However, these challenges are not all available yet. Only a handful launched with Season 2 this week. More are on the way in the weeks to come. The Fortbytes in Season 10 last year was a lot like this.

Players must stick around to complete all the challenges and unlock the Deadpool skin. Or, you can show up at the end and do all of them at once. Stay tuned for guides on how to complete these challenges and unlock Deadpool soon.

New Weapons and Gameplay Features

As expected, players can use new weapons and gadgets in our Fortnite Season 2 patch notes. Most of the “new” weapons this season aren’t brand new. They’re just old unvaulted weapons. Meanwhile, some Season 1 weapons have been vaulted.

This season, a lot of items return like the Grappler, Drum Gun, Boom Bow, smoke grenade, minigun, and more. Many of these are now mythic status, so finding them is tricky unless you can enter the vaults.

The weapons vaulted from the previous season include the bolt-action sniper rifle, damage trap, SMG, and some rocket launchers. The new vaults are like the ones in Apex Legends, allowing players to find these special locations and get some insane loot.

To get the vaults open, you need a unique key card found on various new henchmen NPCs around the map. Taking them out gives you the chance to find the key cards. Shakedowns are another new gameplay mechanic in Season 2.

It is an extension of picking up enemies and teammates from last season. If you take down an enemy, you can go over to them, pick them up, and shake them down to find out where their partners are. It shows you the location of their party members.

The change to the metagame allows aggressive players to become even more direct, possibly changing up the competitive scene this season.

Other strange additions this season includes going through vents, teleporting through certain toilets, and hiding in a cardboard box.

Team Rumble Changes and Hints at Helicopters in the Future

The most bizarre thing is no new vehicle. Players requested a new form of vehicle to increase mobility and since the game is hurting with only boats as an option.

The trailer and the map confirm helicopters this season. However, they aren’t in the game currently. There are helipads and everything that you can find all over the island.

They aren’t in the game yet for a few different reasons. The helicopters that popped up at the last moment could be an issue. Possibly, it required Epic Games to remove them before launching the new season.

But if that were the case, it would make sense for the developer to communicate this to the players. The other reason could be the helicopters aren’t meant for the first week of Season 2.

As an incentive to keep players engaged and coming back for more, they might come later in the season. However, it would help the game overall for them to exist so players could get used to using them in battle.

For now, we have to settle for limited mobility. The Team Rumble big team mode is the only one with better mobility. Glider redeployment is now a permanent addition to this mode that isn’t an item in your inventory.

Anytime that you can use your glider again, you can redeploy it for free. Team Rumble has some other additions as well. All players are granted 150 material of all three types right from the start of the match.

Those early moments of building a fort in the center rings to ensure that your team gets a foothold over the enemy is great. All weapons found in the game are blue rarity or better, bandages are no longer in the game mode, and skill-based matchmaking is off. This all results in a better mobility mode meant for pure fun.

Though there are no official Fortnite Season 2 patch notes available this season for battle royale, there are some for the Creative mode at least. To learn about everything we didn’t cover in this post, you can find the full list of major changes and additions on the official Epic Games blog here.


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