Everything You Need to Know About the Apex Legends Grand Soirée

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 15th 2020

Apex Legends update 1.26 is available right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for all players around the world. The long-awaited update brings a ton of changes to the game, the introduction of perhaps the biggest event in the game, and more.

Apex Legends Update 1.26 Includes Grand Soirée Event

You can update the popular battle royale game on your platform of choice and start enjoying all the new content in the Grand Soirée event and more. The update features new game modes, balancing, and new cosmetic items.

The real star of Apex Legends update 1.26, though, is the latest arcade event hosted by Pathfinder. Now that we are in the 2020’s, everyone’s favorite lovable robot hosts a Roaring Twenties-inspired shindig, offering something for everyone.

Players can enjoy two weeks of exciting new and returning game modes, the new event prize track feature, and new items to earn and purchase in the event shop. The dress code recommended for this event is formal wear so expect some fashionable outfits for your favorite legends.

There are several ways players can grab themselves some new skins and cosmetic items during the event. The main way of doing so is through the new event prize track feature. Challenges and unique items are still here, but they are working in a new and exciting way.

Players have various event challenges to complete throughout the event that has to do with the seven-game modes. Participating and completing a few challenges every couple of days grants players 1000 points towards the event prize track.

Players start with zero points. As you gain points from the challenges, you work your way through the prizes offered. There are prizes offered every 250 points, so completing a few challenges guarantees four new prizes to collect.

The total number of points necessary for completing the entire prize track is 5500 points, so check back often and play through the various limited-time game modes. While it isn’t required to do everything in the new event, players are rewarded for checking out all seven modes.

Schedule of Limited-Time Game Modes in Grand Soirée Event

The official schedule for all seven modes released alongside the Apex Legends update 1.26 patch notes. It all starts with the release of Gold Rush Duos. Like the other events, this sticks around for two days.

Players can enjoy an exciting twist on the duos mode that came out previously. You and a friend play together in a battle royale match where the only loot you find is gold weapons, so be prepared for some powerful and crazy action.

From January 16-17, players can check out the new Live Die Live event mode. Players don’t have to worry as much about reviving their dead teammates. Everyone automatically respawns under certain circumstances.

Instead of picking up dog tags and heading somewhere to revive teammates, players need to survive until the next ring closes. After that, all dead teammates drop into the game again. Just make sure someone on your team manages to stay alive until then.

From January 18-19, players can enjoy the new third-person mode. The traditional battle royale match features a third-person perspective. The mode is excellent for players who don’t like the normal first-person viewpoint.

The fourth event mode, Always Be Closing, takes place from January 20-21. The crazy competitive mode always has the circle closing in from the start of the match to the finish. Players need to keep constantly moving while watching out for increased storm damage and other players.

From January 22-23, players can see the return of Armed and Dangerous but with a twist. For the first time, the World’s Edge battle royale map contains the mode. Players have to deal with a loot pool of only sniper rifles, shotguns, and limited armor equipment.

The penultimate game mode is a familiar one as well with Night Game on Kings Canyon. It takes place January 24-25 with the return of the original battle royale map, but at night like in the Halloween event.

The final limited-time game mode, Dummies Big Day, lasts from January 26-28. We don’t know a lot about this mysterious mode. Players are likely to look like training dummies from the training mode in the game.

Bug Fixes in Apex Legends Update 1.26

As with any update, this version 1.26 patch comes with a ton of bug fixes that should improve the overall experience. You can find the full list of bug fixes in this update below:

  • Various script and code errors causing crashes for some players
  • Out of bounds timer not displaying when perching on top of some buildings in the Capitol City area
  • Players receiving a client error when fighting the Wattson legend
  • Octane’s Laughing Fool skin blocking other players’ vision when using the times one holo sight attachment
  • Players getting into unintentional hiding spots in the train tunnels and around multiple buildings on the map
  • Minimap showing an incorrect view of the landscape east of the Sorting Factory and Capitol City named locations
  • Trajectory line not appearing when trying to aim ordnance somewhere
  • Final circle ending in a bad location not good for players
  • Ghouls and Ghost Peacekeeper skin not displaying the correct animation in-game
  • Squadmate selecting a character during the legend select screen and the character not displaying the skin currently equipped by the player

Legend Bug Fixes and Changes

Along with the normal bug fixes, there are fixes for the actual legends themselves in this Apex Legends update 1.26. It starts with the defensive behemoth Gibraltar. Players got an unfair boost by playing along with this character on their team.

Previously, an unfair glitch allowed players to hide inside of Gibraltar’s dome shield ability. If they happened to pick up some gold shields while doing this, they would unfairly receive 63% faster healing rather than the normal 50%.

As for Bloodhound, there are a couple of bugs squashed for the legend. The first has to do with their passive skill where players couldn’t see the timers when looking at the enemy tracks. Also, there is a fix for the tracks themselves that would expire 30 seconds sooner than supposed to.

There is a bug fix for Wraith where she could take damage from thermite explosives while using her tactical or ultimate abilities. The former shouldn’t take any damage since that is the point of the ability. Thankfully, the update addressed this strange and exploitative issue.

On the Crypto side of things, there is a visual bug fix for when the legend first drops into a battle royale match. The drone Crypto has shows it recharging as if it had been destroyed before running out of its time on the map. This would even result in no progress at all.

Lastly on the bug side of the legends, Wattson has a fix for her ultimate ability. There was a bug where players could deploy an interceptor pylon through walls with the ultimate.

Beyond the fixes, there are some balancing changes for some legends. Some of these might be controversial. Gibraltar has gotten a bit of a boost in this update, specifically, to his passive. He now revives squadmates faster when inside the dome shield.

Unfortunately for Wraith, though, she has a significant debuff to some of her abilities. The bonus movement speed that her tactical and ultimate abilities would give at the same time has been removed. Instead, she now moves at the combined movement speed when they are both activated.

While that isn’t so bad at all, her actual tactical ability rebuffed again. The cool down for it increased from 25 seconds to 35 seconds. It comes after an increased cool down in the past.

Thankfully for Crypto players, there are some buffs for him. There are some general drone and EMP improvements for the character as well as increased health for the surveillance drone. Also, the EMP no longer affects any friendly traps or deployables, nor will it slow down friendly teammates.

Energy Mag Changes and Tournament Mode

There is a massive change to the energy weapons. The extended energy magazine attachments completely removed. It means you no longer can extend the magazines of an energy weapon.

Also, the overall magazine size of Devotion and Havoc changed to accompany the removal and make up for the lack of extended magazines. The mag size for the Havoc rifle has 32 bullets per magazine while Devotion has 44 per magazine.

This strange choice likely proves to be controversial in the community. It is especially the case since there is no word on an increase mag size for Triple Take, which could hurt the sniper rifle even more in the long run.

The developer notes this odd choice should make more sense with the release of Season 4. We aren’t sure if a new energy weapon on the way, or if there is new legend that helps this change be not so crazy to players who like energy weapons.

Finally, in the patch notes for this update, the tournament mode is available. The feature is for approved partners, so not everyone can enjoy it. Those partners can set up private player matches and host their own tournaments.

They can record live footage via the game client spectators, view match results, and customize various features. The fantastic feature allows more private and organization-based tournaments to begin appearing this year besides the official Global Series that EA and Respawn are hosting.

There is a lot to uncover in this massive Apex Legends update 1.26. If you are interested in everything else in this Grand Soirée update plus comments from the developer and players in the community, check out the full patch notes on Reddit here.


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