MTG Arena Brawl Launches This Week, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Oct, 21st 2019

Wizards of the Coast has finally revealed the release date for the highly anticipated MTG Arena Brawl match format. The Brawl mode is one that fans have been waiting for months now since the announcement over the summer.

Since then, we have had bits of details here and there, but no official release date was ever given. The news surrounding the official Commander-like match format for the digital version of Magic: The Gathering has been held tightly under wraps for some time now.

MTG Arena Brawl Release Date Announced

This is likely due to the release of Throne of Eldraine at the beginning of the month (end of September for the digital platforms), but, regardless, we are happy to know the release date now. MTG Arena Brawl will be officially launching on the PC game later this week on Thursday, October 24.

Starting that day, players will be able to enjoy everything that the Brawl format has to offer in this exciting take on the Commander mode. If you don’t know about the Brawl match format and what it’s all about, you’re in the right place.

Brawl is the answer to the beloved Commander match format that has been a huge part of the tabletop scene for years now. It has been quietly gaining traction and becoming more popular as time goes on. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any version of this mode in the digital PC game until now.

Brawl has a different name from Commander, mainly because it changes up the rules just a bit. For one, Brawl is only available for those cards that are Standard-legal. If you can’t play a card or set in the current Standard tournament format, then you won’t be able to play it in Brawl.

MTG Arena Brawl Rules and How to Build a Deck

Other than that, though, it mostly shares its gameplay and rules with the traditional Commander mode. Players can select a partner to be their best friend in combat, and they will be with them right from the start of the match, helping them out.

The normal Commander mode allows for players to participate in multiplayer matches up to six players, but we aren’t sure just yet if the Brawl match format will have the same options available. Regardless, constructing a Brawl deck will be a bit different than what players are used to.

For one, the very first thing that a player will need to do is select the partner that will be their Commander for that deck. There are only two categories of cards that you can pick for your partner in a deck, and they are the legendary creatures or a planeswalker card.

Those are the only two available, and they must be standard-legal per usual. From there, players must create the other 59 cards of the 60-card minimum deck. MTG Arena Brawl follows the format of Singleton in that players are only able to have one copy of each card in their deck as well.

Finally, the colors of all the other cards in a player’s deck is determined by which legendary creature or planeswalker that they choose. If you pick a legendary blue creature, you are stuck with blue for all the other cards in your deck.

So, if you are a fan of a certain color or two, be sure to find a partner that embodies those colors and allows you to pick cards from that mana color. To celebrate the launch of the new match mode, Wizards of the Coast is hosting a launch celebration event for a limited time only.

MTG Arena Brawl Launch Event Revealed

Starting on October 24, with the release of the latest game update, players will be able to start playing through Brawl in a limited-time event. The event will only go from October 24 through November 1, so a week in total. This will give players a chance to experience everything it has to offer fully.

Unfortunately, though, this launch event is going to require an entry fee from players, which is a little surprising given the fact that most special launch events like this one have been free recently. Thankfully, though, the entry fee isn’t too bad and can be paid rather easily.

Players will need to either pay 1000 gold or 200 gems to get into the launch event for that week. That isn’t too much compared to some other events in the past, so just completing a few daily quests will ensure that you can get in without spending any real-world money.

The event is also going on much longer than most paid events that usually stick around for a few days or a weekend as it will last for a week straight. Players will be able to test out their new Brawl decks in a safe format where they don’t seem to have to worry about losses.

Instead, players can focus on getting the five wins necessary for the event to get all its special rewards. These rewards are particularly amazing since you will be able to get a new card reward for each win, up to five wins. These are special Brawl cards that are difficult to get otherwise.

Launch Event Rewards: Mace of the Valiant Details

Previously, they were only available for redemption through the wildcards system since they are dedicated to Brawl, so they can’t be found in booster packs and the like. The first win that you get during the match will grant you the Mace of the Valiant card along with a special card style for free.

Mace of the Valiant is a white artifact equipment card that costs three mana, one of which must be white, to summon to the field. The creature that you have that you choose to equip with this mace will receive plus one/plus one for each charge counter that this mace has plus gain the vigilance keyword.

As for how you get these charge counters on the equipped creature, you gain a counter for each time a creature enters the battlefield under your control. So, if you are wanting to keep that same creature growing more and more powerful, all you need to do is keep playing more creatures.

Faerie Formation Card Details

Throne of Eldraine Faerie Formation Brawl Deck

If you can get two wins during the MTG Arena Brawl celebration launch event, you will receive the Faerie Formation card as well as the special card style for it. Faerie Formation is a blue faerie creature card that costs five mana to summon to the field, one of which must be blue.

It has decent stats of five/four and the flying keyword as well. However, it also has an impressive mana ability available for you to use if you so choose. If you spend four mana, one of which must be blue, you can create a one/one blue faerie creature token that also has flying.

Then you will be able to draw a card. This is an okay card that will be an excellent addition to your blue Brawl deck since it allows you to keep generating more creatures on your side of the field and drawing cards. Plus, flying can be a difficult one to block unless they are flying as well or have reach.

Taste of Death Card Details

Throne of Eldraine Taste of Death Brawl Deck

From there, if a player can get three wins during the Brawl launch event, they will receive yet another card in the form of Taste of Death and its unique card style. If you couldn’t tell already, there are five cards, one for each win, and they are all based around the five colors.

This next card is for the black deck players out there as Taste of Death is a black spell card. It costs a surprising six mana to use in the match, two of which must be black mana. What it does is require every player to sacrifice three creatures that they have on the field.

At the same time, though, you can create three food tokens. These are the same food tokens as always that can sacrifice them and spend two mana to gain three life. This means they can give nine life or be used for a different card that can consume food tokens.

Taste of Death is a weird card, indeed, as we can only really see this working within the confines of a food token-centric black deck. While it is possible to have one of those, we aren’t sure that many players will be able to use this in their deck adequately.

If you have no real use for the food tokens, that will render half of the card useless. The other half of the card requires you to sacrifice three creatures as well, which can only be avoided in two situations. The first is that you have no creatures, or the creatures you have can be brought back. Otherwise, it is tough to justify the cost.

Embereth Skyblazer Card Details

Throne of Eldraine Embereth Skyblazer Brawl Deck

At four wins, players can get the red color card as a reward in the form of Embereth Skyblazer. This Skyblazer is a red human knight creature card that costs four mana to summon, one of which must be red mana. It arrives on the field with the solid stats of four and three.

Oddly enough, if it is your turn, Embereth Skyblazer will also have the flying keyword. While this is odd, it is useful since it limits the ways that the knight can be blocked while you are attacking. However, that isn’t the only ability that this flying knight has available to him.

Whenever the Skyblazer attacks, you can spend three mana (one of which must be red) if you want an extra bonus. Doing so will give all the creatures you have plus X and plus zero until the end of the turn. The X factor is determined by the number of opponents that you have. A solid card and a worthy addition to a red color Brawl deck.

Thorn Mammoth Card Details

Throne of Eldraine Thorn Mammoth Brawl Deck

Finally, for the Brawl launch event, players who can get all five wins during the week will receive the Thorn Mammoth green color card along with its special card style. We haven’t seen any big creatures in these rewards, and this is the one.

Thorn Mammoth is a green elephant creature card that costs a whopping seven mana to summon, two of which must be green mana. It has the okay stats of six/six almost to match the mana cost plus the trample keyword. This means that all remaining combat damage will be still passed onto the opposing player.

But that’s not all either as there is one more ability it has. Thorn Mammoth is known as the defender of all wild things, so it is no surprise that it comes to the defense of them all. Whenever it enters the field, or another creature you own enters the field, it will immediately attack up to one target creature you don’t own.

This is a solid ability since not many creatures will be able to defend against this massive behemoth, and it will be able to attack over and over. Depending on who you are playing and how, it could allow you to effectively control the field in terms of creatures.

MTG Arena Brawl Normal Schedule

These rewards will only be available for free during the launch event, so don’t miss out on this week-long celebration. After that, though, the Brawl match mode will move to its regular schedule. It isn’t like other modes in the game because it will only be available for 24 hours each week.

Every Wednesday at 8 am PT, the Brawl play queue will open for 24 hours and allow players to check it out. There is no entry fee for these weekly events and no associated rewards either. However, the matches you play here will contribute to the quests you have and daily/weekly win counts.

It is unfortunate, but you will have to wait for the weekly Wednesday event to enjoy Brawl at this time. Wizards of the Coast have yet to announce if this will ever change, and the mode will be permanently available 24/7 or not.

This is likely the case for the start of Brawl since the company isn’t sure how many players will play it or not. Perhaps if it becomes more popular, the queue for it will remain a constant addition to the game. However, you can play it anytime you want through direct challenge against your friends.

MTG Arena Brawl will become available on Thursday, October 24, and kick off with its first event for one week. Starting on November 6, it will move to the regular schedule of only being available for 24 hours each week.


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