Everything You Need to Know About Black Ops Cold War Season 2

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 23rd 2021

Treyarch has blown the lid open on everything that we need to know about the upcoming second season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Though we all knew the first season would be massive, it was uncertain if Black Ops Cold War Season 2 would follow the same trend or be smaller. 

But the results are in. This next season of Cold War is looking to be just as massive as the first one, if not a little bit bigger in some areas or more timely in the release of its new content. The new season will go live on Thursday, Feb. 25, on all of the available platforms, with the update downloads going live before that. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Update: Four New Operators and Story Continues

With the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 2, there is a lot of content coming to the game. The first of these are four new operators who will be launching in different ways. Like with the first season, there is a premier operator who will be the main one in the battle pass this time around.

Last time in the first season of Black Ops Cold War, it was the villainous Stitch, but this time, it is one of his accomplices who has successfully kidnapped Adler, known as Naga. Naga is from the Warsaw Pact faction in Cold War and was born and raised through decades of conflict in Laos. He has a unique design with his mask and outfit.

The second character that will come later on in the season is for the NATO faction known as Maxis. This is the same Samantha Maxis who you will likely know well from Zombies. For the first time in series history, you will be able to play as Maxis when she drops in the game. 

Also for NATO is Wolf, a young operator specializing in the jungle warfare setting for much of Black Ops Cold War Season 2. He grew up in Louisiana and knows the bayous there well, so he has adjusted to Laos’s newfound battlefield. 

And last but not least, there is Rivas for the NATO faction as well. Growing up in Nicaragua under the Menendez Cartel, she has learned what happens when its influence rules a community and dedicates her life to ridding the country of the Cartel’s influence. While Naga will be in the battle pass, the other three will be unlocked in their separate store bundles throughout the season. 

A Whopping 6 New Weapons

Cold War is upping the antics with an astounding six new weapons joining the arsenal in its second season. There are some expected ones for the general classes that are always highly favored, but some exciting additions are exciting for numerous reasons. 

First up in Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is the new assault rifle known as the FARA 83. This one will launch in the battle pass and be available for every player in the game, whether or not you own the paid battle pass, so long as you unlock it at tier 15, which isn’t too hard to accomplish. 

The FARA 83 is an automatic rifle with one of the fastest fire rates and outstanding range that will make a force to be reckoned with. This could be the next assault rifle to dominate the metagame for the title. We imagine it will also be usable in League Play, but we will have to wait and see for now. 

Next up is the other battle pass weapon available in this new season, which is the LC10 SMG. Yet another SMG is here, but this one is unique in that it has less damage than you would expect but, in return, excellent damage range, great accuracy, and a decent fire rate that will make it built for more than close combat. It unlocks at tier 31 in the battle pass. 

From there, we come to the unique weapon known as the Machete. This melee weapon will drop in the middle of the season and offer the latest unique melee option. Another new melee option is the E-Tool focused on being the digging shovel that can take out enemies. 

A very special weapon that is joining the game in Season 2 is the R1 Shadowhunter. That’s right; Cold War is getting a special crossbow weapon that players will be able to use in combat. It has excellent handling and quite maneuvers for some nice, quick eliminations. We imagine this will be a very popular choice moving forward. 

Finally, we are happy to announce that a brand new sniper rifle is coming to the game, known as the ZRG 20mm. This one is a hefty best-in-class type of weapon that is a bolt-action capable of having the fastest bullet velocity over any other rifle in its class. 

It only takes one shot to eliminate a player from the head, chest, or shoulders, but overall, it does have a slower fire rate. That said, it is balanced out by the fantastic reload speeds so that you can quickly go from one shot to another to take out your opponents. All of the above weapons minus the first two will be unlocked either through a store version or the free associated challenge later in the season. 

Zombies Outbreak Begins

If you have been disappointed by the lack of Zombies content over the past few months, well, Treyarch has you covered with yet another new location and game mode to play: Outbreak. This is a large-scale new experience that is unlike any other we’ve had to date. 

It sounds like what Tranzit was trying to accomplish in Black Ops 2 but on a much larger and more dedicated scale. You and three other players will go to this location with new enemies, objectives, rewards, and even the ability to explore using vehicles and jump pads. 

You will have different objectives here, like taking out elite enemies, escorting a rover to other dimensional portals, or just holding out against the Zombies in the Dark Aether zone. There is a lot to find in this new game mode, unlike anything we’ve done before. 

It seems that it will be an open-world experience that will have a massive map with different objectives and tasks to complete from what it sounds like. It seems that it might not be the wave-based format, either, that we have grown accustomed to, but players will be able to exfil if necessary. 

Alongside the new Outbreak game mode in Zombies, there are other new details for the mode, like the new field upgrade known as Frenzied Guard. Using this makes all enemies target only you in the party — great for when someone needs to revive another player — and damage will only be dealt to your armor. 

If that isn’t enough, there is a new Shatter Blast ammo mode that will let you have some more explosive damage to deal with enemies. There are also two new skill tiers for the Aetherium Crystals so that you can upgrade even further than you have up until this point.

Four New Maps: Apocalypse, More

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 wouldn’t be complete without some new multiplayer maps to visit, and there are going to be four this season. The first is the main map that is the centerpiece for the backstory this season and is known as Apocalypse. 

This brand new map is located in Laos and is a smaller to medium-sized map with some aggressive playstyles focused on in its jungle and temple setting. It is followed by the multi-team map that seems to be a new Fireteam one that is known as Golova. 

It is located in a traditional Russian village and holds some exciting locales from the church to the industrial region to the housing quarters and more. It will be a great new map for a new mode coming up. The third new map is Mansion coming later on in the season and will be set in Cuba for the Gunfight and Face Off modes. 

And last but not least, there is a new version of Miami known as Miami Strike. It seems to be a smaller version of the original map set in the daytime rather than at night like the original. It will be there for the normal six-on-six multiplayer matches we know and love. 

New Game Modes: Gun Game Arrives

There are a few new game modes that are also launching in the new season. The first is Gun Game. It is no surprise that this party mode is here after Prop Hunt’s success, as this might be the second most popular game mode that is fun and off the walls crazy. 

You know the drill, every player for themselves as you cycle through 20 preset weapons that range from a pistol to just the knife at the end. Kills that you get will give you the next weapon in the cycle until someone gets a kill with the knife at the end and wins it all. 

Stockpile is next up and brings back a mode that is a mix of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint. Eliminating players will make them drop the dog tags per usual, but the catch is that you don’t just pick them up for points. You need to take them then and deliver them to select sites to get points. 

But if you risk it all and killed in the process, you will drop all of the tags that you have on you for anyone to pick up and potentially turn the match around. The final game mode that we have seems to be the second Fireteam mode we have been looking for.

It is a massive multi-team Hardpoint mode that comes later on in the season. It will offer the classic Fireteam 10 squads of four gameplay, with each squad trying to wrap up points by capturing and holding various hardpoints around the map and rotating every so often. The first team to get 500 points wins it all. 

Scorestreaks and Vehicles

There is a brand new scorestreak that is launching this season, known as Death Machine. The fan-favorite minigun is coming back and will be a power weapon that you can equip if you get a high enough score in the middle of matches. It will also be available as a support weapon in Zombies.

For the new Outbreak game mode in Zombies, two new vehicles are also dropping this week that will give you more ways of traversing around this new open-world area. The first of these is the sedan, a smaller car that is fast and nimble with just enough room for the whole squad to jump in. 

And the other new vehicle that launches this week with the new Outbreak game mode is the light truck. This is a smaller and more nimble light utility truck with no roof or windows for players to fire at the undead while moving along the map or even for quick escapes if things go south. 

There is so much that is happening in the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 update that we were just not able to cover. We could cover the important content that you will immediately find in the new season, but there are other smaller details that you can check out in the full blog announcing what’s new here


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