Estral Esports Banned From R6 For Throwing Matches

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Mar, 10th 2021

Estral Esports was on the way to qualifying for the R6 Invitational but sadly were banned for match-fixing/throwing. An investigation by Ubisoft has determined it was a cover-up that goes all the way to the top. One of the players, Oscar “Toski” Sepulveda was banned for nine months, for player poaching. However, the real threat is from Estral Esports, where they tried to cover up an incident of match-fixing during the Mexican Championship. What do we know, and who is being punished?

The Cover Up

While dealing with Toski’s player poaching, Ubisoft was already looking into a case with Estral Esports. Their player “Fungi” was accused of throwing a match against Infinity Esports, during the final split of the Mexican Championship 2020. Estral Esports was so close to making it to the big stage, but this cheating has put an absolute halt to that. What’s worse, there is evidence showing Estral Esports coordinated the conduct in the first place, and tried to hide the match-fixing from Ubisoft.

This was done to avoid a sanction, but it ultimately led to punishment anyway. In this case, Ubisoft had this to say in their ruling:

For this reason, Competitive staff and players – Xigmaz, Pixie, SKmzy, Goku, and Max1mus will get a warning. However, a severe sanction and/or financial fine will come from future infractions. At least the players can still make a comeback from this. It’s good news for them, but this whole incident really puts the scene in a bad light. While Estral Esports is banned from R6, the players can try and make good, and prove that they’re above this kind of match-fixing. The people in charge are the real villains of the piece, using their money and sway to put players in a bad spot.


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