Esports One Announces Registration for League of Legends Summer Split Fantasy Season

by in League of Legends | Jun, 2nd 2020

Are you a fan of fantasy esports, but are craving something a little greater? Esports One has you covered with the League of Legends 2020 Summer Split! Registration for the 2020 LEC/LCS fantasy esports season has begun, and you can do it all on Esports One. Esports has seen a serious surge with the outbreak of COVID-19, and so we’ve had to take the battle more online than ever.

On Esports One, players can research the pros, develop their roster, and watch the matches live if they want. You can register, create a roster and more now, with their summer pass. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of fantasy sports/esports, even if I don’t keep up with traditional sports. It always felt like D&D for sports fans to me, and that’s awesome.

Success Leads to More Events

The Spring Split beta for Esports One’s League of Legends fantasy esports went well! They had more than 35,000 fans sign up, so I’m certain they are anticipating an even bigger turn out now. Traditional sports are uncertain right now, but esports is going strong. Esports One has seen over an over 300% increase in their fanbase since the first season. On top of that, the average user spends about an hour and eight minutes on the site per session. That’s pretty strong retention.

How do they do all of this? Esports One’s platform has more than 2.3 billion data points, which they’ve acquired over 10 years of gameplay and nearly 100 million players. That’s some serious data! They aren’t dependent on the game publisher’s APIs either.

Esports One uses computer vision developed through MIT and CalTech to accrue data. This gives Esports One access to so much information, and when combined with machine learning, they gain some pretty amazing insight. Their insight delivers 90% accuracy within 10 minutes of the start of a match.

Simple “watching of esports” then becomes “competitive viewing” and could be the future of how we view esports in general. With that kind of knowledge at your fingertips, you can truly make the ultimate esports squad! With that data, what can you do, exactly?

Compete – Play for prizes and in-game items through private, sponsored, and geo-fenced leagues.
Research – Access historical stats on each player and their performance trajectory.
Read – Browse daily articles and watch interviews.
Watch – View streams embedded directly into the platform.
Chat – Sync your live fantasy stats into discord so that you can chat and brag to friends it in real-time

We discussed a Summer Pass, too. The Esports One Summer Pass offers comprehensive visual breakdowns, extensive content, as well as power rankings, for $10 through Esports One. If you’re competitive in this kind of fantasy season, that sounds pretty handy.

“The incredible success we saw with our beta launch was real validation for what we knew was strong consumer demand for fantasy esports,” said Matt Gunnin, founder and CEO of Esports One. We listened to our users and as our community of fans continues to grow, we’re excited to introduce a slew of tools and features for our existing users and all the new users who will be joining us for the Summer Split.”

League of Legends’ Summer Split is going to be explosive, and Esports One sounds like the destination to me if you’re looking to delve into the competitive world of fantasy esports! Presently, they’re focused on the North American and European divisions of League of Legends, but there’s nothing to say they won’t reach into Korea or China in the future. We’ll just have to see what lies ahead.

Are you a fan of fantasy esports? Do you use their site or others? What excites you about fantasy esports? We’d love to know! Perhaps you use it as motivation to improve your matches? Regardless of why interactive fantasy esports could be the wave of the future. You can register via this link.


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