ESPO Engages Esports Fans With GODSENT, F2K, and Team Queso

by in CS:GO | Aug, 19th 2020

CSGO is still going strong as one of the biggest esports in the world. With a huge audience, you need better, stronger fan engagement. Enter ESPO, which offers a gateway for esports fans to unprecedented fan engagement for three teams: F2K, GODSENT, and Team Queso. This partnership could be huge, while also offering esports fans some exclusive perks from some of the best CSGO teams in the world.

We’re very excited to see what these perks will be. Back in June when ESPO revealed this fan engagement platform, we’ve had our eyes on it.   The partnership with three world-class teams is the first of hopefully many ESPO x Esports team-ups.

Changing the Game

So we know that for now at least, there are three teams involved: F2K, GODSENT, and Team Queso. Perhaps if these campaigns are successful, more will be on the way. So how will these team partnerships work? Each of these teams will have a 30-day campaign on the ESPO Platform, starting next month. 

The campaigns on the ESPO platform will focus on one of the team partners and offer esports fans a series of unique perks and rewards who contribute financially to the campaigns. While we don’t know the full range of the perks on offer, but there are some truly fantastic ones they’ve revealed. Some of these include the chance for fans to play with the pros, receiving coaching, as well as to get their hands on limited-edition team merchandise.

Is that not enough to whet your appetite? How about the ability to create content alongside the staff of one of these incredible teams? Now that would be a fantastic thing to be able to receive for supporting a team through the ESPO campaign. These perks will be redeemed using ESPO loyalty points, which users earn through spending on the ESPO platform, and through participating in the Community Incentive Program that launched this month on the ESPO website.

ESPO’s Founder and CEO, Henry James spoke about team partnerships:

“After unveiling our company and announcing our fan engagement platform for the esports community back in June, we’re extremely excited to be partnering with such outstanding teams. Believing in our vision to bring esports fans to the heart of the action is one thing, but receiving the level of support from the guys at F2K, Godsent and Team Queso has been very humbling. We’re in awe of their creativity and commitment to their fans. They’ve inspired us to keep raising the bar and we’ll be doing all we can to make the launch of our platform a success for all involved.”

We’ve seen plenty of fan engagement platforms come and go in our time, but ESPO may have the smartest. Having collaboration and engagement from the actual brands/teams that are taking part is a sound investment. These kind of special benefits are awesome, and this writer can certainly think of a team/player or two he would invest in financially in order to work with them somehow.

The founding team that worked to bring ESPO to life served sponsors in traditional sports and have built tech platforms for over a decade. They certainly have plenty of experience to bring this unique fan engagement to life. ESPO believes that companies and brands need to promote themselves to a younger, more tech-savvy audience, and this is certainly a smart way to do it. 


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