ESL New York, MIBR Roster Drama, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 7/10/2019

By Isaac Chandler

July 10, 2019


ESL New York

Welcome back to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ll be continuing our coverage of the MIBR situation from yesterday, an exact look at why Vitality is skipping ESL New York, and more on the situation with Lazarus and it’s disqualification from the American Minor. As always we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive on in.

More on MIBR

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, it has been confirmed that Coldzera is indeed planning on leaving MIBR sometime before the Major, but after joining them at BLast Pro LA and IEM Chicago.

This has led to some major problems for the Brazilian org, however, as Major rules mandate a roster change/substitution is only allowed in the case of an emergency which, surprise surprise, Coldzera wanting to leave the team does not mandate. Even their coach Zews won’t be allowed to sub in should the man leave, leaving the team without a fifth and basically disqualified from one of the year’s largest events.

The ruling has led to much controversy in the community, as a similar situation occurred back at the Katowice Major in February. Roster locks for that occurred January 1st, yet Smooya, one of the players for BIG, left his team a week before the event began. The team at the time was allowed to sub in Nex, their coach and a former player, in to fill in their last spot for the event.

As the situations are nearly identical, many have questioned why BIG was allowed to make such a move while MIBR can’t and demanded clarification from the team at Valve.

Vitality vs Sprout at ESL New York

Speaking of tournament controversy, we’re back to ESL New York and the shocking decision by Team Vitality to skip out on the event’s qualifier. As we reported yesterday, the team had decided to skip the event after being snuffed for a direct invite to the event, instead traveling to Dallas for their ESL Pro League Promotion match.

Upon investigating further, we discovered that their qualifier match-up for New York was going to pit them against Sprout, the same team they would be playing just a few days later in Dallas for the qualifier. Again, as we said yesterday, the EPL spot is worth significantly more than the New York event, so it’s completely understandable why the team wouldn’t want to reveal their strats ahead of time. Still disappointing to not see them at ESL New York, but in an industry where most orgs aren’t making a profit money speaks.


Back over to team Lazarus, things have gotten a little heated as the team released a Twitlonger statement yesterday explaining why they were disqualified from the event.

According to the statement, Lazarus originally was going to try and keep TenZ on for the Minor before he fully joined Cloud9, but with only a week until Blast Pro Los Angeles both TenZ and C9 decided that it was more important to have him preparing with the team for the event. This left Lazarus stranded and down two men for their roster after they were unable to come to terms with their other sub FNS.

Even worse, while Valve themselves stated the situation was an emergency for the team, the CS:GO developer decided to not let the team seek out emergency subs or find replacements, something their replacement Luminosity was able to do. Between this and the MIBR situation, it appears as though there’s flexibility in the enforcement of official rules from depending on the team involved, something rather concerning in an esport as big and well known as CS:GO.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow for more exciting CS:GO action!


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