ESL Continues to Fail to Pay Rainbow Six Siege Players

by in General | Nov, 21st 2019

ESL continues to find itself in hot water after teams and players participating in its Rainbow Six Siege Pro League system came forward recently to reveal that the company had failed to pay them for the past two seasons and has been continually pushing back the time by which teams will get paid.

Our very own Nick Dragone has been covering the story extensively for a bit now and has been reached out to by several members of the pro scene with evidence backing their claims that ESL admins have been providing false information as to when payments will go through.

As a note, all names have been removed from both this article and our video for the safety and privacy of those involved.

ESL Failing to Pay Rainbow Six Siege Players

As shown in the screenshots in the attached video, several players have contacted ESL staff since Ubisoft announced an update and increase to the prize pools for Seasons 9 of the Pro League back in May after it had ended.

Many of these players have waited months since then to receive the payments ESL owed them, and even more have been waiting for their payments from the Siege Invitational back in January, but have been met with a stunningly disorganized response from admins on the matter.

As can be seen in the first screenshot, a player asked the admins about when they could expect to get the prize money they earned from the Siege Invitational seven months prior, to which the admin responded that he’d heard it was to be paid that week, though he would check with the payment department to get confirmation on the following Monday.

A little impatient, the player messaged the admin again two days later on Sunday to ask if he’d heard anything yet, to which the admin responded that it takes more than a day to get the information.

The player then asked if anyone else had only received partial payment for their participation, as that was all they had been given at the time, leading to the admin to ask him to privately PM him.

Another player hops into the conversation at this point and asks when they could expect the additional money added to the Season 9 prize pool to be distributed, to which the admin replied they’d be getting it near the end of October.

The second screenshot shows the player who asked about Season 9’s payment chiming back in the day after asking the admins if they knew exactly how much money the players would be receiving following the updated prizing.

A new admin responded stating they knew exactly how much the players were getting, but that they need to make a small change to it, claiming they were still waiting on a contract to be signed for the final amount by Ubisoft before they announced anything.

Another player chimed in to ask when they’d get the rest of the payment beyond the partial payment they’d already received as, after several months of waiting, the team was still owed 75% of the money promised to them.

The first admin popped back in to say he was happy they’d finally gotten the base pay, and that the rest would be sent out later that same day.

Things then go quiet for a while before October roles around and another player pops in to point out that ESL prize money rules stated teams and players would be paid within 30 days of the seasons end, though it could take as long as 90 days for payments to be processed.

They pointed out that it was long past that point of time since Season 9 had ended, at which point the first player popped back in to say his team still hadn’t been paid either.

The third player from the August messages popped back in at this point to remind them both that the admins said payments would be coming that month, though things quickly broke down the following day when the second admin returned with some rather bad news.

According to the admin, ESL was still waiting on a contract between Ubisoft and themselves to be signed, without which they couldn’t make any payments to the players for what they owed.

Another player jumps into the chat lambasting the admin by stating, “contract? As in signing a new one with Ubi? What does this have anything to do with money owed on the current contract?”

The admin claimed the additional announced prize money was not part of the original contract and thus a new one was needed, though the player was joined by another in noting that their teams have still yet to receive the base pay they’re owed, which should be under the original contract.

Jump forward to late October and players are still asking about when they’ll receive their payments, with messages on the 23rd and 31st receiving no replies from the admins.

After the message on the 31st, several players note that they’ve received emails from ESL about the prize pool, though several note that no one on their team had received an email yet.

Flash forward again to November 14th for another screenshot, and again we’re finding players still trying to find out when they’ll get paid for Season 9.

One player claims they got paid out for Season 9 and the Raleigh Major, though notes they’d only received a little more than half of what they were owed.

Several players chime in noting they still haven’t received money from either event, and an admin steps in now claiming the money will be sent out this month, with the recently concluded Season 10 payments coming in December, and remarks that the players do not need to do anything on their end.

Rather damningly, though, a new player hops into the chat and claims he’s still owed back payments from Season 7, which ended in May of 2018.


So having gone through all these screenshots and chat messages, here’s a quick synapsis: ESL has failed to pay most of the Rainbow Six Siege players for the base and additional money owed to them from the Siege Invitational, Season 9 of the Pro League, and the Raleigh Major, and keeps moving back the point at which the players and teams will be paid out. First stating it’d be August before proceeding to push the payment date back to October and now into November.

One player still hasn’t been paid out for Season 7 from last year, and players seem overall confused and receiving different levels of support from ESL, with some finally getting partial payments while others still wait.

Overall, it’s a pretty damning look for an org known for hosting massive tournaments both in Rainbow Six Siege alongside other communities.

It’s honestly embarrassing how poorly they’ve handled something as simple as making payments to players and, at least as of today, players have still yet to receive what is owed to them nearly 200 days on.

ESL and Ubisoft have yet to release a statement on the alleged failed payments, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as one becomes available.


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