eShop Leaks 4 Characters Included in Nick All-Star Brawl

by in General | Sep, 3rd 2021

Somehow, Nickelodeon’s fighting game has been creating hype among the fighting game community since its announcement. This is most likely due to the fact that a lot of the characters included in the game are all-time favorites. Although, it could also be the fact that the developers of Slap City are behind it, making a game that’s plays and functions very similarly to Smash Brothers. Now that Smash Brothers is getting a new competitor that might be able to hold its own weight, fans are getting excited over the prospect of fighting each other as characters from their childhood. This same feeling for fighter reveals was shown at Gamescom when 2 of the final characters for Nick All-Star Brawl were announced. Those characters being CatDog, from the show of the same name, and April O’Neil, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These characters are warm welcomes for fans of both shows, as only a few characters from old Nicktoons made it into the game. However, this changed when the game’s cover was accidentally revealed on the Nintendo eShop.

Nick All-Star Brawl Cover

The game was recently announced that it was being released on all Major Platforms and Pc, and while the steam page removes all the characters who haven’t been shown on the cover yet, the eShop didn’t get the memo. Players who checked on the game to preorder for Switch were astounded to find that the cover for the game was the same cover from before, however, all the characters that haven’t been revealed yet were shown right there, front and center. 

Posted on Twitter by @EternalFlameGuy, he posted the image of the full cover, and while these characters were expected to be included in the game, their confirmation on the cover is more than enough to satiate the fans worries about the title coming out without them. The characters in question are Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender, Korra from The Legend of Korra, and Ren & Stimpy from the show of the same name. 

It would be weird for Aang to not be included in the game when a setting from the original show is included, and having Aang paired with Korra is a good look for the game. On top of this, the fact that Powdered Toast Man is included in the roster only meant that Ren & Stimpy had to be there too. 

However, there are only 2 characters left, and players are going to speculate as to who they could be, the two most likely options are Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner. Which would make sense, seeing that their reveal together would also be a reference to the two crossover specials they did previously. However, it could be possible that one of these characters might not make the cut, as the catalog of Nickelodeon shows is vast and expansive. Not including characters like Arnold, XJ-9, Rudy & Snap, Any of the characters from Rocket Power, or even characters from more obscure shows, like Kablam.

SpongeBob’s Moveset Formula Is Anything but Secret

However, this isn’t all the information that has been revealed about the game. Some information about how the game plays has been revealed as well. An image of all of Spongebob’s moves from the game is posted in the response to the tweet with the cover. These moves share an awful similarity to the moves from a smash bros character. SpongeBob has moves like the Order Up, which is his up special. His “Strong Down” attack is a move that attacks both sides of him, and Spongebob himself has moves on the ground and in the air. According to some other screenshots within this tweet, this is the format that’s being used for every single character in the game. Other information about the game revealed from the screenshots includes configurable buttons as well. It’s also mentioned that the right stick is going to function similarly to Smash, with using it on the ground activating Strong attacks and using it in the air activating light moves. The screenshots also mention that the game does have grabs, but they’re not being mentioned in the image for a specific reason that’s not being elaborated on. This would make a lot of sense seeing that they’re trying to distance themselves from Nintendo’s gaze. Lastly, the inclusion of Strong and Light dashes are also included in the game as well. It Seems that All-Star Brawl is sidestepping the Smash comparison by using different terminology, like light and strong attacks, and special moves instead of smash attacks. 

Being that the developers of this have worked on a title that’s near-identical to Smash brothers melee, it’s no surprise that this game is going to play just like that, solidifying Nick All-Star Brawl as a competitor to Smash Brothers.

Seeing that few have managed to hold up to the mascot fighter of the century, it’s possible that this might be the first one to pull it off. Granted players don’t know the main gameplay rules, if the game is going to play like Smash Brothers, or play like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Where players will have to level up their super move to finish a character off. Hopefully the former is what players are going to get. 

Overall, the hype for this game is real, and players are going to be looking forward to seeing what’s going to come next for this game. Nick All-Star Brawl has certainly caught the attention of players around the globe, and now, the game just has to reel them in with the gameplay as it falls into player’s hands. 


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