EPOS Announces Riot Games Partnership

by in General | Jun, 4th 2020

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned EPOS on Esports Talk! EPOS is a pioneer in high-end audio solutions, so it’s no surprise that they’d find their way into partnering with Riot Games in some fashion or another. Today, they revealed that they will be partnering with the MOBA titan for the Oceanic Pro League (OPL). They will be the official audio partner of the OPL, so that’s a pretty big deal.

A Trial or for the Growth of the OPL?

In my time playing online games, and live streaming, there’s one thing I always seem to hear. Our viewers from the Oceania region tend to talk about how weak their ranked experience is. Fewer people than any other seem to connect there. The end result is having to play with serious lag in other regions.

However, it seems like Riot Games is working on their Oceanic region, and there was some pretty serious success with OPL’s Season 1. This could be more than simply testing how good EPOS is. If there’s success in the audio quality/bringing in more viewers for the OPL, perhaps EPOS could do more for Riot Games. Like, I dunno, the hopefully upcoming Valorant competitive series! Just spitballing, there.

“EPOS strive to unleash human potential and give gaming another dimension through powerful audio solutions and we are very excited to be working with Riot Games,” said Maja Frølunde Sand-Grimnitz, head of global marketing, gaming for EPOS. “As a business, we bring 115 years of audio expertise to the OPL partnership and we want to enhance the league by delivering our state-of-the-art audio equipment to ensure a high-end audio experience for all involved.”

One of the biggest parts of production is in fact, the audio, We all want to hear the in-game audio, the combat, and the occasional chatter of the players. But if one drowns out the other, or if there’s crackling, distortion, or peaking in the audio, that ruins it. Especially now, with everyone playing online, there’s always going to be that risk. I can’t tell you how many streams or online events I’ve turned off because it sounded like absolute rubbish.

“The continued growth of the OPL in Split 1 was fantastic to see and we are thrilled to bring EPOS on board as an official partner to support and enhance the OPL,” said Daniel Ringland, head of Riot Games in Oceania. “As a business, we want to work with leaders in their field and when it comes to Audio, EPOS have incredible technology and products that will deliver an exceptional audio performance to the league.”

But there was some serious growth in Oceania, and that’s so important. We want every region to be seen as viable and important. Split 1 (January 31 – April 24th) saw audience growth in the neighborhood of 116% across the season. This peaked at 239% growth during the final month of the Split. So, Riot Games’ Oceaning Pro League is getting major traction, and with that in mind, why not bring in professionals like EPOS to help them out?

EPOS is joining at a critical moment when audio and visual clarity has never been more important. EPOS and Riot Games are going to work together to make sure the audio experience is as high a quality as possible, and also seek new ways to engage with the OPL audience.

Split 2 of the OPL commences at 4 p.m. AEST on June 5 and you can watch via this link. Eight teams will compete for the local title and a coveted spot at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship taking place in China later this year. So far, we’ve only heard that League Worlds will go down in China, but only time will tell what COVID-19 does to the region and the globe.

Either way, we’re glad to see this partnership, and wish for success in Oceania! It’s time for the OPL to show the world what they can do!


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