EPOS Announces Lag-Free GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds

by in General | Jan, 21st 2021

It isn’t easy to find quality earbuds that work for a variety of different devices. In particular, the Nintendo Switch has a significant problem finding good headsets/earbuds. This announcement from EPOS can hopefully solve that problem while also being useful on various other devices. Today, EPOS announced the latency-free GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds! This comes via their USB-C dongle to help create zero-lag gaming. 

Quality Audio Anywhere You Go

The EPOS GTW Wireless Earbuds sound pretty fantastic. Designed for use on the Nintendo Switch, Android mobile, PC, and Sony Playstation consoles, the GTW 270 Hybrid is available now via the EPOS website and other retailers. If you’re looking for the dongle-free Bluetooth compatible version, the GTW 270, that’s available for pre-order right now.

What do we know about these? They offer up to five hours of uninterrupted battery life through a mere 90-minute charge. That is not a long time to wait. The EPOS GTW Wireless Earbuds also come with a carrying case (gunmetal silver), and that offers an additional 20 hours of charge if you’re really on the go and need to play. 

I’m someone who has a variety of ear problems. I have serious hearing loss in one ear, and earbuds can be very uncomfortable just in general. That’s why it’s so important that my audio quality is solid and the tech is comfortable. The GTW 270 features interchangeable rubberized ear tip sizes and an ergonomic shape. That way, the noise-isolating earbuds will fit the ear and be comfortable.

This isn’t a company new to audio quality either. EPOS has a database of 800,000 ear shapes through the EPOS parent company Dejmant to test these designs against. The idea is that it will reduce pressure on the ear’s non-flexible parts while also having an acoustic seal and delivering state-of-the-art in-ear acoustics. That already sounds pretty awesome. But the GTW 270 Hybrid has an IPX 5 water resistance, so on hot days, where you sweat bad, or in light rain, you’re still covered.

“The discreet, yet iconic design makes the GTW 270 Hybrid an excellent product for those who are looking for amazing wireless earbuds for mobile gaming with the best audio quality and no latency,” said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, head of global marketing at EPOS. “Whether immersed in a gaming session at break time or catching a few rounds of their favorite game on their Switch or phone on a daily commute, the GTW 270 Hybrid delivers no-compromise sound excellence for the gamer on the go.” 

The GTW 270 sounds pretty incredible, to be honest. EPOS is a leader in audio quality, so the GTW 270 Hybrid using AptX for low-latency should have fully immersive in-game playback. The GTW 270 Hybrid provides dual-channel standard Bluetooth 5.1 for speaker and microphone transmission on top of that. 

The beards also have dual microphones for clear communication without much background noise for those who play online games in a hectic environment.

We know that the GTW 270 Hybrid uses a USB-C wireless dongle compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Android phones. It also has connectivity to any Bluetooth 5.1 compatible device. There’s a 1.5-meter USB-C to USB-A converter cable for PC and PlayStation consoles included in the box. But how much do these run you? 

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid comes included with a portable charging case, USB-C dongle, different-sized ear tips and USB-C to USB-A converter cable, and a suggested retail price of $199. The dongle-free GTW 270 version is available now for pre-order with a suggested retail of $169. We’re curious to see how these work, but we have high hopes. EPOS has a history of partnering with esports orgs and games, such as OverActive Media, and were the OPL’s (Riot Games) official partner. You can find these at EPOS Audio’s official website.


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