Epic Games Changes Turbo Building Speed After Community Backlash

By Isaac Chandler

August 29, 2019


Epic Games build speed

Less than a week after trying to put out the PR fire surrounding the B.R.U.T.E. vehicle in Fortnite, Epic Games has once again had to back-track on design plans they’ve had for their majorly successful title, this time around the game’s building mechanic. In fact, the Epic Games build speed backlash may be some of their wildest yet.

In a patch that went live on Monday, Epic Games changed the time between rapid building, known in-game as “Turbo Building,” was slowed from .005 seconds between builds to .15 seconds between builds.

The Community Reacts

The Epic Games build speed nerf was almost immediately condemned by the online community, with many calling the move a death blow to the competitive scene.

Many accused the company of continuing too hard to the casual player base, citing the Junk Rift and B.R.U.T.E.’s addition to the game are too easy for less skilled players to win.

In a response posted yesterday, Epic Games acknowledged the controversy and reverted the build time change to its original value, though with a twist.

While the normal build speed has reverted to normal, the build time after being destroyed has changed to a .15 second delay. This is to prevent players from “bunkering” inside of structures.

The game will randomly select a player, whose build goes through if multiple players try to build on the same spot at the same time. This is an attempt by Epic Games to reduce the impact ping has on player’s ability to effectively build in a fight.

The community response appears to be universally positive so far, but the change once again shows the fine line Epic Games walks in updating the game.

Many updates in the past month have received intense scrutiny and negative reaction from the community and streamers. Ninja and Courage streaming Minecraft and other titles are in protest of some of the believed-to-be ridiculous decisions the company has made.

While it is good to see the devs listening to their player base, Epic Games is at a crossroads between balancing for the top end of players or the casual ones. Whether or not they’ll be able to keep both parties happy long term will determine which direction the game takes in the future.


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