Epic Games Silences Rumors of Arena Boxfight and Fortnite Duo World Cup Leak

by in Fortnite | Sep, 23rd 2020

When the BTS concert was revealed, it sadly may have leaked two bits of content: Boxfight Arena and a Duos World Cup. This could have just been filler put on the webpage to round things out, but we feel Epic Games is just trying to cover up a blunder or mistake. The World Cup for Duos is also impressive, but would not be so shocking. With the need to go online for everything still very pertinent, having a Duos World Cup would be pretty awesome, and likely easier to coordinate than Trios or something.

Is this coming to pass, or is Epic trying to keep to put a cake back in the box after dropping it?

What Are Boxfight Arenas?

A potential leak for Fortnite’s Boxfight Arena is fascinating. It’s one of the community-created modes that’s seen a little bit of support from Epic with limited-time modes. Ultimately, this just made the mode that much more popular. You give someone a taste of something extraordinary and then take it away, people will likely want it more.

Boxfight Arenas are possibly the best way to grind points for things, especially if it’s like the 1v1 Arena Boxfight teased earlier this year. You either have a 1v1 or multiplayer match, with a basic matchmaking algorithm. It’s ideal for people who want to get better at Fortnite. You’re only ever matched up against people that are a bit better than you.

That way, you’re always going to have to try and learn something new and outwit a better player. However, according to Epic, this image was just a placeholder.

“With the BTS announce today, we wanted to have an article that helped new players find their way in Party Royale,” GstaggEpic wrote on the Fortnite competitive sub-Reddit. “This blog was incorrectly published with images from a dev build that showed test playlist images of Fortnite World Cup and Boxfight Arena. To properly set expectations, these images are not a hint of events to come. Instead, they are old assets.”

Honestly? We aren’t convinced. Having shorter, more competitive matches would be a godsend for a game like Fortnite. Well, shorter. If you’re unlucky in Fortnite’s battle royale, you could be dropped from the game almost immediately by a stronger player. If there is anything Fortnite needs right now, it’s an overhaul to how they utilize competitive gaming. The leak could be what Fortnite needs.

Arena, in general, is more competitive, so having another way to try and climb the ladder sounds perfect for us. It would also be a boon to see something created by the community added to the traditional competitive offerings in Fortnite. What do you think? Possible or just a “placeholder image” like Epic said? Who would you bring with you to a duo? Personally, this writer would take Jake Lucky, so he could carry to a glorious victory.

That’s 100% how that would work out.


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