Epic Games Reportedly Asked Dataminers Not to Leak Fortnite Chapter 3

by in Fortnite | Dec, 2nd 2021

Fortnite battle royale is about to enter a brand new era with Chapter 3 arriving in the very near future. With only the third chapter and island in the game set to release soon, it is understandable that Epic Games would want to avoid as many Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks as possible.

Epic Games Wants to Avoid Fortnite Chapter 3 Leaks

After all, moments and seasons like these only come once every couple of years at best, so there are many players out there who want to be surprised with whatever Epic has in store for the next chapter. That is why the developer is working hard to avoid Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks wherever possible.

As part of this, Epic Games has even reportedly reached out to the leakers out there on social media who are the known culprits for releasing information about the battle royale game early before it is supposed to be announced to the public.

Dataminers like ShiinaBR, HYPEX, and others have huge followings on Twitter due to their reliability when it comes to releasing leaked information about new seasons, skins, live events, weapons, and more. They do this regularly and have been extremely helpful and trustworthy during their time leaking content.

This is because they will mine for data in the backend of Fortnite whenever a new update drops and discover treasure troves worth of information about what is coming up in the game next. This is usually pretty reliable and an indicator of what Epic Games is currently working on.

Epic Requests Dataminers to Not Give Leaks

Given how these leakers work, Epic Games has taken the initiative this time around and requested that the dataminers not share any Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks ahead of the launch of the new season. This is a bold request and one that none of them, technically, have to adhere to.

The first one that we saw to share that Epic was trying to stop Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks was ShiinaBR who posted about it on Twitter. This was soon followed up by other prominent leakers out there like HYPEX and iFireMonkey whom we have covered many times in the past.

What ShiinaBR shared was that Epic Games was asking them and other leakers in the community to not post any Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks at all during the v19.00 downtime. While the battle royale game is in the crucial maintenance period ahead of Chapter 3, Epic does not want them to share any new information.

ShiinaBR went on to say that they understand this “important concern” and have provided some suggestions on how to make this work in a good way. They are currently waiting on a response to see if this would be a good idea or not.

The other main leakers out there had similar posts to say right around the same time, likely showing a group effort on the part of the leakers for this event. As for whether or not they will comply with the request, that is another story and it remains to be seen at this time.

There Could Be a Long Downtime

Epic Is Making a Possibly Difficult Request

That is just an example of such and it is hard to know what exactly they have prepared at this time. That said, the main problem here is that this is the livelihood of many of these leakers since their following and success is built upon being among the first to reveal such information.

Epic is essentially asking them to stop doing what they love and what is bringing in possible success and even revenue for them through tips and YouTube monetization. That is a tricky situation and one that only gets worse from the fact that, technically, just about anyone could leak this info.

It is unlikely that Epic was able to reach out to everyone who is a dataminer, so there is a chance that someone was not contacted and/or someone will simply not adhere to the agreement. Therefore, these leakers are possibly missing out on being the first to reveal something when someone else will just do it anyways.

It is definitely a rather troublesome situation and one that, if we had to guess, will result in the Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks still happening in the end. As such, we do recommend that players who want to go into the new chapter completely in the dark about what is happening to mute certain keywords and accounts on social media to avoid finding out early as we have already seen some leaks appear online just this week.


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