Epic Games and OnePlus Team Up to Create Fortnite Mobile 90 FPS Experience

by in Fortnite | May, 26th 2020

Epic Games and OnePlus have teamed up for something truly unique. On console, you get from 30-60 fps in Fortnite, and that’s at best. But starting today, if you have one of the OnePlus 8 series mobile devices, you can play Fortnite at 90 fps! That’s right, you can get a truly exceptional experience using one of these phones.

Above and Beyond

Mobile and console are, for the most part, locked at 30 fps, which is mediocre. More modern consoles and devices however, can reach 60 fps. But now, 90 fps is possible, but it comes with a cost. If you’re playing at 60 or 90 fps, it can and will drain your battery pretty quickly.

However, this project will launch in India first. This project took months of research and development. While the OnePlus 8 Series will give you 90 fps for your mobile Fortnite experience, there is hope for slightly older phones.

If you have a OnePlus 6 or newer, you can download Fortnite in India via their One-touch easy installation, via the Epic Games App. This is done through the “Game Space” app. Other OnePlus devices appear to be locked at 60 fps, which is still much much better than 30.

We should note that if you enable this higher frame rate on your OnePlus 8/8 Pro, the graphics will default to “low.” You’ll get a higher frame rate, but the game won’t be quite as pretty as you remember, so bear that in mind before going in.

The PC still has the best flexibility for graphics and frame rates, but this is surely a first for mobile users. The only exception is the iPad Pro, which can run the game at 120 fps, thanks to a high refresh rate. But the iPad Pro is not a mobile phone!

This is still a pretty awesome thing to see, and we wonder how long it will be before Epic Games teams up with Android or Apple. Their devices are as good or better (depending on your preferences) to China’s OnePlus.

Though OnePlus has a strong global presence, they have a lead overall in India. Their first smartphone released back in 2013, to try and steal away the market from the Google Nexus series. Oh, how far we’ve come. But for now, if you want to play Fortnite on your mobile, and want beyond 60 fps, you better have a OnePlus 8 or 8 pro!


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