Epic Games’ New Office Is an Entire Shopping Mall

by in Fortnite | Jan, 4th 2021

In true Fortnite fashion, Epic Games has revealed that it will be its main office for the development of the immensely popular battle royale game in the future. The new Epic Games office would typically be an inconsequential announcement, but the location is exceptional overall. 

New Epic Games Office Announced

In a blog post to kick off the year, the first announcement regarding the Fortnite developer Epic Games is all about the studio itself, rather than the game that millions of players know and love. It looks like the developer is going to have a brand new Fortnite headquarters in the future.

While details are scarce about the contract and agreement at this time, Epic revealed that the new Epic Games office would be located in an actual shopping mall of all things. Rather than buy an existing office or build a brand new one from scratch, it has opted to purchase a retail center. 

Epic Games has agreed with Turnbridge Equities and Denali Properties to transfer an entire shopping mall’s ownership over to the Fortnite developer. This is a pretty crazy switch for the developer as it will take over an impressive and massive location. 

The goal of taking over this property is to convert it into the new headquarters for the Fortnite developer in the future. Down the road, this is where the brilliant minds behind one of the biggest games in the world will be planning out the next season, crossover, and content. 

Epic Games Will Take Over a Former Shopping Mall

The Epic Games office will be moved in the future to the Cary Towne Center, a huge 980,000 square foot location with 87 acres of space available to it. This retail row of sorts will be under new ownership and be used by the developer as the main headquarters in a few years.

It will take some time to convert the location ultimately, so the current plan is to move the headquarters over to the Cary Towne Center by 2024. The entire facility includes both the office buildings located there as well as the recreational spaces. 

Development of the new Epic Games office will begin this year, but the process will take a few years at best. The developer will continue to operate at its current location at Crossroads Boulevard while the transition is being done. 

Overall, this isn’t a complete overhaul of the developer as we know it for now. After all, the current headquarters of Epic Games is in Cary, North Carolina, where it has been for more than 20 years. Though there are offices around the country and world, this is the main headquarters. 

Epic Will Remain in North Carolina

And the city of Cary, North Carolina, will continue to be home to one of the biggest video game developers in the entire world as Epic will not be switching cities but remain in the town even with this switch. This is something that the Fortnite company prides itself in. 

It has poured much into the Cary community by hiring locally and at nearby universities as the company has grown in its scale over the last several years. Because of how welcoming the community is, Epic has decided to stay in Cary for decades to come. 

The expansion comes with some exciting possibilities for the Cary community and the Fortnite fan base. Curiously enough, Epic noted in the announcement that it is exploring how the town of Cary and the Fortnite company could work together to make the new headquarters usable for the community.

This is an intriguing part that could mean that the now-former Cary Towne Center shopping mall could be more than just the new Epic Games office. The massive shopping center has all been but abandoned with a skeleton of few retail locations left at this point. 

We Could See Real Fortnite Shops and Restaurants

But with Epic Games taking over the center, there is the chance for it to be revitalized in one way or another. There is the chance that this could mean that there will be more stores that will open up in the locations that the developer doesn’t need and rents out, instead, or perhaps even more. 

There is a chance that we could see Epic creating its real Fortnite locations in the future. How amazing would it be if the developer’s unused space is converted into real-world stores and restaurants based on the places that we know and love from the game?

Of course, there could be the first official Fortnite merchandise store where fans could pick up gear and merch from the battle royale game. But it could even go beyond that, being host to the real-life Pizza Pete restaurant, Greasy Grove burger place, and an actual Retail Row. 

The possibilities are endless and immensely exciting, providing opportunities for the tourism of Cary, North Carolina and for Fortnite fans to have a place to gather and share their love. But this is all speculation at this point. Epic has not confirmed what it has in mind for the location yet. 

Stay tuned for more news regarding the new Epic Games office soon as we approach its completion date in 2024, which is still at least three years away from now and long past the current Season 5 we are in. 


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