Epic Games Director Hints at Fortnite Smash Ultimate Inclusion

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 30th 2020

According to a leaked Zoom call between Geoff Knightly and Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard, it seems that it could eventually happen that we see Jonesy (or one of his friends from Fortnite) enter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While far from a confirmation, Mustard refused to dismiss the possibility of it happening, instead declining to comment on the situation. This mirrors what other developers have been forced to do when asked about Nintendo’s flagship fighter. 

Will Fortnite Come to Nintendo’s Flagship Fighter?

Here were the other details that were learned about in the leaked Zoom call:

  • There will be an announcement at the Game Awards for Fortnite on December 10.
  • A new recording sessions with Troy Baker took place. Troy Baker voiced John Jones in the Device event. 
  • This season’s event (Marvel) is “the biggest event they’ve ever done and will change the future of Fortnite.

Why Does This Make Sense for Smash Ultimate?

Fortnite has become one of gaming’s hottest properties and is available on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo frequently features Fortnite in its promotions for multiplayer gaming on the Switch, and has been keen to capitalize on its popularity whenever they can. Of course, these factors alone don’t make Fortnite a shoo-in for gaming’s biggest party, but there are some recent developments that make it a bit more likely than not. 

For one, we now have Minecraft Steve in Smash Ultimate. His inclusion took the world by surprise, and has surely been divisive. But one key thing about his inclusion was that many of the stages in the game had to be entirely rebuilt from scratch to allow for building.

With building now in the game, that gives an easy entry for Fortnite, as editing is a massive part of the gameplay loop in that game. While it’s possible that Sakurai doesn’t have plans to include Fortnite at all, we do know that Nintendo has had a large say in what characters are being included in Smash Ultimate’s Fighter’s Pass vol. 2. Given the massive Fortnite userbase, it’s possible hat Nitnendo will want to attract Fortnite fans to the Switch as a whole, or even entice them into buying Smash Ultimate.

The game’s massively popular in its own right as well and its impact on the gaming industry cannot be denied. While many hardcore Smash players might not want to see Fortnite invade their favorite fighting game, it surely has earned its place among the pantheon of popular gaming characters. Whether or not the game can remain balanced with two building type characters in tow is another story altogether. 


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