Epic Games CEO Explains Why Fortnite Isn’t on Stadia

by in Fortnite | Jul, 29th 2020

Fortnite is one of the only games in the world that can brag that it is available on nearly every single modern gaming platform. Consoles, PC, Mac, and even mobile all have access to Fortnite and can even play the game together, but there is no Fortnite Stadia version right now.

Epic Games CEO Responds About Fortnite Stadia on Twitter

Interestingly enough, we now have a reason why there isn’t a Fortnite Stadia version available on that platform formally released in 2019, despite it approaching a year of being available for users. CEO of Epic Games revealed the reason why.

The Fortnite developer’s CEO Tim Sweeney recently responded on Twitter to a user asking about the likelihood of a Fortnite Stadia version. The user randomly replied to a separate post that Sweeney made about Apple and a controversial move from it.

The original post from Sweeney was condemning the decision from Apple that it will potentially take a 30% cut of the tuition that schools take from students who use an iPhone app to do their schoolwork. This decision didn’t sit well with the Fortnite creator, hence his post.

Even though the topic was on Apple, a user decided to ask about a Fortnite Stadia release. And lo and behold, Sweeney took the time to respond, and it wasn’t a quick one either.

Why Fortnite Isn’t on Stadia

Sweeney broke down the legitimate reasons that have held back Epic Games from releasing the renowned and extremely popular battle royale game on yet another platform. Sweeney began by noting that there isn’t any particular “deep reason” behind this decision. Perhaps, he was referring to technical issues or something like how Google would deal with monetization.

Instead, the issue is due to how Epic Games feels about the platform and developing for it. Google Stadia fully supports the Unreal Engine that Epic Games created. So, there is no real technical reason why Fortnite couldn’t be available.

The first reason is because of the actual manpower that it would take to develop the game for that platform. Releasing it on Stadia would most likely not be a problem, but supporting it could be a major issue for the developer.

The team would have to release Fortnite updates weekly across more than seven platforms which would be “extreme.” It’s already a challenging task for Epic Games because these updates have to release in tandem with one another.

Stadia Doesn’t Have a Large User Base

Due to crossplay and all that, you can’t necessarily release the Fortnite cars that everyone has been waiting patiently for on consoles and PC, but then make mobile players wait a while to have it. It would cause major issues for the game, hence why adding another platform is a real hassle.

Beyond that, the main issue is that Stadia doesn’t have a massive market user base, as Sweeney also noted. It makes it hard to add this platform when it doesn’t have a huge audience that could make an effort and keep it updated worthwhile.

This is an understandable business perspective that will likely only change if enough players are on Stadia in the future if the community bothers Epic Games enough to do something about it eventually. Until then, though, it looks like a Fortnite Stadia version is not in the cards.

It is unfortunate for players who like the cloud gaming platform that Google created last year. It lets users not only play AAA games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Destiny 2 in various places but without having to wait for downloads and installations to happen.

Perhaps PUBG and Others Could Lead to Fortnite on Stadia

Users on Stadia can pick up a game they want (so long as they meet the device and internet requirements) and play in various locations like smart TVs, PC, and even mobile. Many of these places already have Fortnite readily available on them, so there is that as well.

It could be that Fortnite isn’t necessarily on Stadia when players are already able to play the game on likely the same devices that they would be streaming it on through Google’s cloud platform. That is unless the user’s specific computer isn’t powerful enough to play the battle royale game.

If storage is an issue and players want to be able to pick up and play the game without taking up precious storage or waiting for the update to go through every week. This could be a plus as the Fortnite updates, especially on mobile, can take a bit of time to install even with a solid connection.

Another way that could encourage Epic Games to put Fortnite on Stadia is if more competitors show up on the platform. Epic hasn’t turned down competition in the past when it comes to battling against other battle royale titles. If other games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone release there, that could make the difference.

At this time, the only real battle royale experience that Stadia owners have to try out is PUBG, even if it is still fairly new. Any notable success with PUBG on Stadia could encourage Fortnite also to move there.


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